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    This is what happens when it crosses the permissible limits

    Nowadays health awareness is increasing. Many are going to the Gyms and practicing Yogas. Especially, many young people are fitness freak, so they are conscious of their food habits also. There is a feel-good factor attached to this health consciousness and there are many gadgets available to monitor certain health parameters. The sedentary lifestyle is inviting many health issues and therefore it's advisable to maintain the habit of regular physical exercise. Many are there who know it is necessary to reduce their present body weight but unable to manage time for physical activities.

    Well, this post is not dedicated to those who are overweight, but a general one to describe the difficulties associated with that extra girth.

    Yesterday, I was inside a grocery shop waiting for my turn. For some reason, I pushed my elbow little backward and it hit the extra bulge of the abdomen of another young man. I sincerely apologized by saying it's not intentional. The man smiled and said, "Sir, it's not your fault". "The bulge has crossed the permissible limit and intruding your territory". "I am trying for a long time but unable to find time to go to the gym". I smiled back thinking that it's not an international border. Members, do you have any idea about the permissible limits that man was talking about?
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    The easiest thing in the world is to put weight and have a convex belly and the most difficult thing is to reduce it. The reason is obvious. One can not undertake so much work out to reduce it. Overeating is easy. Restricting the diet is very difficult.

    The only way to reduce the belly or fat in the body is to exercise as per the stamina of the person and also to restrict the diet significantly. Just think how difficult it is.

    There are hundreds of books on physical fitness and thousands of articles but it does not help until one is focussed and determined to get rid of this evil called extra fat.

    Restricting diet regime is not an ordinary stricture. It means that you have to reduce oil, fat, carbohydrate, dairy products etc in your diet and go for salads, boiled and roasted food, no junk food and things like that. Even a single indulgence in a week will be dangerous what to say the daily sweets and road side food while returning from office or college.

    So the permissible limits are in our own hands but so much sincere and honest efforts are needed.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Permissible limit he was talking about his bulge was touching you. If he had a flat belly your elbow would not have touched it.

    Yes, it's easy to put on weight these days because of our food habits and lifestyle. These days people find less time to do physical work which is essential to burn calories which we take. It's very much necessary to take out some time for yourself and do some exercise to reduce fat as its dangerous in long-term and is the reason for many diseases later on.

    Personally speaking, I too get very little daily to do physical work but still, I manage to extract a few minutes from my daily routine for a brisk walk which I feel is enough for me to burn those extra fats.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    We can easily gain weight. But reducing it is very difficult. Always prevention is better than cure. So one should not allow the belly to increase. The weight also should be in proportion to the height of the person. The eating habits should be such that they will never gain weight more than required. We should eat sufficient for us and we should not eat oily food, carbohydrate food more. We should eat vegetables and fruits more. Sugar consumption should be as less as possible. Some physical excercise is always needed for us. Daily at least one hour walk or half an hour brisk walk is better. Some people will do yoga also. Some people feel lazy and try to avoid this physical work. They say they are not able find time. But it is only a way to avoid but really one is interested getting half an hour time is not that difficult.
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