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    Can parents these days tolerate if teachers scold or beat their child?

    Beating or scolding a child is really not good but sometimes to make a child grow in right path it is necessary. Earlier days, teachers used to beat or scold a student when the student was wrong. Even parents would completely trust a teacher in a child's grooming. But these days I see parents are not very tolerant even someone points out at their child. Even if a teacher scolds or beats a child when the child is wrong, parents will come to rescue the child instead of correcting the child. This will give encouragement to child in some sort to continue the mistake.
    Are parents really becoming intolerant or has the teacher lost the value and true meaning of being a teacher in grooming a child in positive way?
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    While it's not at all advisable to beat a child, I do admit that many parents do not like their child being corrected by the teacher or others. There are news of intolerant teachers also who beat up or severely punish the kids because of their childish natural behaviour. It's very delicate to deal with a child and patience is the key when the child behaves unnaturally.

    There is intolerance everywhere and parents are also not far behind. Earlier, there were siblings and in a joint family, there were many children. Many parents who have a single child now had grown up with their siblings during childhood and because of this few of them may felt a kind of negligence from their parents. This, in turn, made those parents more protective and they do not want others to interfere with the behaviour of their child. Maybe this overprotectiveness has made the parents intolerant when others try to correct their child.

    Well, the teaching has become a business in this country where the money counts more than the true value. Otherwise, we wouldn't hear parents shouting at the private tutor by saying: "You are paid to teach my child three times a week, why you remained absent on that day"? "Do you know how much is lost"?


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    The educational environment in schools has undergone tremendous changes in the last few decades. Earlier teacher had an unwritten right in his hand to punish the student for wrong doing or lack of interest in the studies. Today that type of things are unheard of.

    The paradigm shift in this behaviour is the awareness of parents for child upbringing as well as the pampering culture which is generated in this materialistic and luxurious world especially in the well off families.

    Our Maths teacher was so strict that no one dared to even whisper in his class. There used to be a pin drop silence and everyone was highly alert and attentive because you did not know the next question will be addressed to whom. Generally he used to ask questions especially to those who in his judgement were not attentive or were not serious towards the studies. I saw him smiling only a few times and many times it was followed by his beating spree.

    In his personal life also he was very serious and did not socialise much. Even parents were afraid of him.

    If we go in the market for an evening walk and see him coming in our direction, we usually turned 180 degrees and took another lane to by pass him.

    Today things are changed so much that no one will believe this. Today's educationists insists for the psychological handling of the children rather then beating them or making them fearful for going to school.

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    Hitting a child frequently for the mistakes is not good in my opinion but I am in favour of it when'd one occasionally depending on the severity of the mistake.

    Being a parent its not easy to tolerate it but we should understand that it's a part of grooming a kid. Some kids dont repeat mistakes due to fear of being beaten by the teacher. In my childhood, we had a principal who was strict and used to beat students who used to score fewer marks in the exams. We were afraid of him and our teachers used to make us fear by saying that they will call him if we dont stop doing mischief.

    In all I would say sometimes it's okay to hit a kid and parents should not mind it.


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    These days parents will never beat their children. They never scold also. They want to see that their children are very comfortable in all aspects. So they can't tolerate somebody scolding or beating the children. Olden days it was a different story altogether. For a family the number of children are more and that much undue care was not given. Even parents used to discipline them by beating and scolding. In schools teachers used to punish if somebody is not completing the homework or even for other issues. They children never used to complain as the parents may scold them again for the mistake committed.
    But these days we take more care for our children. So we may go for rescue of the children if somebody scolds them. I feel this is not correct. The teachers should also be in their limits. They should try to bring in fear in the children but never beat them.

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