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    If I could change one thing about me.

    We all know what we are. We know our positives and negatives. We need to sit back at times and analyze ourselves and think whether we need to change some of our habits or traits. Have you ever thought of engaging yourself in such a self-assessment? What would be that in you which you want to change?

    Yes, I will try to change definitely. Life becomes boring if you don't change. If we find a way to change anything bad in us we should definitely try to change it. One should analyze him/herself and should find out the habits or traits that needed to be changed or improved.

    I personally feel that I should change being over sentimental. Being emotional is okay but we may have to pay for it if we are over-emotional and that's where I lag. I easily get fooled by my subordinates and colleagues due to it. I know several instances where my subordinates did not meet the targets and gave some fake reasons which I believed to be true and later on realised that I was bluffed. I want to change myself and want to improve on it so that I may not get over-emotional and judge people on that basis.

    What about you? What is it in you which you want to change in yourself?
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    A very interesting thread presented by the author. Everyone in this world yearns for some change in him, as being humans, we have inherent shortcomings in us. No one is perfect. We have our own traits and character. We try to override them with our efforts but these deeply buried traits show their colour every time and we are not able to suppress them. It is a psychological matter and an adequate theme for the researchers in the field of human behaviour and attributes.

    Still I will also like to change one thing in my life and that is to utilise my time more creatively. Though I keep myself busy in the creative things only, still, I feel that I have potential to do much. The lethargy leading to idleness and wandering is inherent in my nature and to bring it to the table of creativity is always a difficult task.

    People have their own agenda in this regard and depending on their perceived shortcomings they will always like to change them with time. As said, old habits die hard, it is always a difficult task to get those ways amended by sheer force of will power and determination. Some people are able to achieve to bring these changes and if they can do it why we can not do. With this optimistic note I feel that we must try to change those things with all out efforts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All human beings will have some or other short comings. No one will be 100% perfect. Everyone should know what is to be changed and where some modifications are required. If really we have that will and desire it is not difficult to change and come out of those short comings. The only issue here is how committed you are for the change. Some people just for telling will say that they will come out of their negatives but they never really work towards that.
    As fas as I am concerned, I am having a habit of believing the others easily. Many times people try to take advantage of this and they will try to tell some lies and take loans. Sometimes they will never give it back easily and I have to make rounds and rounds to get back that money. Even after making so many rounds also they are not giving it back and I have to wait longer time to receive back. I have lost some in this habit. But I am not able to stop giving loans to people.

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    The author has brought out a topic which is very important in our life. Life becomes really boring if we continue the same mistakes again and again. Nobody likes to repeat the mistakes and behind the mistakes, there are certain drawbacks of the person. It's important to analyze those drawbacks and take corrective measures so that the same thing is not repeated. At times it may seem it's not possible to change certain habits/behaviours, but it indicates the person is not willing to take a step forward to change herself/himself.

    I have an extremely negative trait and that is my uncontrolled anger. Generally, I am very calm and composed. But, suddenly if I become angry the situation becomes uncontrollable. I am seriously working on it, though I know it will take some more time to be in control.


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    I lack courage a lot. I seriously need some courage else I won't be able to achieve anything in my life. That is something I would like to change about myself.
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