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    A suggestion regarding the ToW contest held in the last week of every month

    I joined ISC on 23rd September, 2015. Since then, I have been noticing that in the last week's ToW contest held in every month, an Editor gives a word and all contestants are required to write stories/posts on this particular word. This word is also required to be mentioned in the caption of the post. This practice has been continuing for more than 3 years 2 months (it definitely started much before my joining).

    As this practice has continued for a long period, the concerned Editor may think a change to make the contest more interesting. For example, an idiomatic expression can be given for amplification. Or a sentence (instead of a word) can be given which is required to be incorporated by the contestants in their posts.

    In short, a change is required. The old practice has become to some extent boring (no offense meant).

    This suggestion may not be construed as a criticism.
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    True Partha. I agree with you. The topics or words we get to write are often abstract like, discipline, which cannot be made into interesting entries. Creativity can also be not utilized fully with abstract topics. I have asked at times too about the words. I hope topic of the month will become more interesting.
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    I also feel Topic of the Month will be much interesting. A change can be considered. Instead of giving a word a concept can also be given. That may give more scope to the author to create an interesting thread. Anyhow the Editors will have their own views on this.
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    No, I dont think so. I have seen different contests like in 4 months like a lecture, a post /story using a phrase/idiom, theme. I didn't see any contest where a word is given to write a post using a word.

    But that's for sure, editors should think about new contests so that we may not get bored.


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    Partha, thanks for that positive suggestion. The editorial team, in consultation with the Webmaster, will surely look into it and implement possible changes at the earliest. Though we have been generally providing word based topics, there have been instances where phrases were suggested too. Anyway, the matter is under consideration and will be taken care of.
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    Here, I am a few months old so for me it is not boring yet. I enjoy writing on a given word. Still, I must say that the suggestion given in the thread by the author is really good. A change is always an experiment and a good challenge. I feel the editors may give it a try.

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    A good suggestion. We can think of some change. Change brings freshness of mind and breaks monotony. Though changing the word itself changes the contest every month still a change in style may help increasing the number of contestants which is generally the primary reason for such endeavours.
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