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    Birthday of the man who popularised the number 1729.

    Today is the day on which a wizard of Mathematics was born. It is none other than Sreenivasa Ramanujan. It was on the 22nd of December 1887. He was born in a very poor family at Erode in Tamil Nadu. He, with much difficulty completed his school education. Owing to his interest in Mathematics, he did not show much interest in other topics. Hence he could not proceed further in higher studies. However, his interest in Mathematics led him to the high levels in Mathematics. Through certain contacts he sent a bundle of papers to a well known Mathematician, Prof. Hardy. He, having gone through the works of Ramanujan arranged to bring him to England.
    Ramanujan, with the support of Hardy, worked on several problems, mainly related to Number theory, Infinite series and Mathematical analysis. His works, finally, attracted the greatest honour for any Scientist, FRS. Thus a man even without a degree in the subject became an FRS, the highest honour for a Scientist.
    However he became bedridden due to the attack of TB. His mentor Hardy visited him in his hospital. Mr Hardy came in a hired cab. He casually said that the Registration or number of the car was a useless one. Ramanujan got interested in it asked what was the number. Hardy answered it was 1729. Immediately Ramanujan reacted that it was a special number. 1729 is the smallest number which can be expressed as the sum of two cubes in two different ways. Hardy was astonished by seeing the quickness of Ramanujan's reaction. This number 1729 is known later as Ramanujan number. It is on 22nd December he was born. India is celebrating this day every year as the day of Mathematics.
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    1729= 10 (cube)+9 (cube); 1729=12(cube)+1(cube)

    But what is the mathematical proof that it is the shortest number which can be expressed as the sum total of two cubes of two pairs of different numbers? Did Ramanujan give any proof? Did he take into consideration negative integers?

    I pay my respect to this great mathematician who died very young.

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    Astonishing. Great to know that 1729 is the smallest number that can be formed by cubes.

    But Partha's questions are valid. If two negative integers are taken then we would end up with -1729.

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    Today is the day of mathematics. A great mathematician who got recognition allover the world as a great mathematician born on this date.
    The Ramanunam number is well known and many teachers explain this in our high school studies.
    My respectsvto this great personality on the occasion of his birthday.

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    He was a great mathematician. He is known as the man who knew infinity. It was sad that he died at the very young age of 32 years. He wrote many theorems when he was on the bed and was ill before he died. It is said that he saw those theorems in the dreams. He was really a great personality and I am proud that he was an Indian.

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    It is good that author has brought out this thread to remember our great Mathematician S. Ramanujan.

    He was a gifted Mathematician and had a fascination for number and theories related to numbers.

    Knowledge is power.

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