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    Rich girl has married (comparatively) poor boy!

    Mr. Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian. As per the latest available information, his net-worth was USD 47.3 billion, which is equivalent to 331765 crores in Indian rupees. On 12th December, 2018, his daughter Isha has married Anand Piramal, the son of industrialist and chairman of Piramal Group, Mr. Ajay Piramal. As per the latest available information, the net-worth of Mr. Ajay Piramal is Rs. 30160 crores in Indian rupees, which is roughly 1/11th of the net-worth of Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

    So, we can safely say that on 12th December, a very rich girl has married a poor boy. Do you agree to this conclusion? Your comments, please.
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    Ha ha ha, in terms of assets it seems so. But when two hearts come closer, money doesn't matter. Comparatively, it may seem the girl is richer, but after marriage think of their combined assets. Are they not richer than the richest Indian? This is the power of marriage.

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    Haha true. I could tell by title about whom the discussion is. Was this a love marriage? If it was not Ambanis were trying to establish stronger connections in pharma sector maybe.
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    Very nice. Yes, the girl is richer than the boy. But once they are together they will become much more rich. No one can reach them in the near future. That is how the richer will become further rich. Unfortunately these rich people never allow poor to become rich. The gap between poor and rich will increase.
    Poor and rich is a comparison only. It is like comparing a very long line with another longer line and saying that the line is shorter.

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    The people have a tendency to show or flaunt their riches if such a opportunity comes. The marriage of their children is the best time for it. This marriage has also set up new bench marks for expenditure and many will try to mimic it as per their capacities.

    Now coming to the thread floated by the author comparing their net worth, both of them are very very rich from the general standards and when the rich people marry with each other the next generation becomes more richer by virtue of the combined assets. So that is sometimes a strategy also to increase one's net worth through nuptial ways.

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    This proves that love is blind. Of course, she married a poor man. hehe he.

    But he is also rich as per his net worth. Isha will get all the luxuries she was availing at her home after marriage too.


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