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    Why we should write Dinosaurs as dinosaurs?

    So few days ago I was writing an article about prehistoric animals and Grammarly showed words therapsids and diapsids wrong. I was supposed to start them with capital letters. It's cool because all Latin scientific terms, and generally all Animalia family names start with capital letters. Unless we are talking about dinosaurs. I needn't put a capital D though Dinosauridae is a family name. Isn't that strange? We all know that there are thousands of dinosaur species so shouldn't we use capital D and not treat dinosaurs like a species of its own? They are not just dogs, cats or deer to generalize and call them dinosaurs. The reason being,we usually curb using capital first letter for animals we encounter a lot. We speak about Dino family a lot that its no longer a scientific name to us. We can make it a common noun. This is our prejudice? Loop hole in language? Laziness of people?
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    Who knows? Why do we spell pneumonia, Ngorongoro, wild beest, honour in these ways? Let's follow without asking questions. Nobody can reply.
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    As the latin family name is concerned Dinosauridae appears to be correct in line with the nomenclature. The word dinosaur is a common word like fish or mammals etc and it may not required to be starting with a capital.

    This is what comes to my mind as a solution to this anomaly.

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    When it comes to Grammarly, there are certain issues that I found interesting. At times it underlines a few names and I think this is related to the internal coding of this tool. There are instances also where I found some underlined words shown as Unknown word.

    While overall Grammarly is very helpful, in some cases where we need to apply our logical sense, it shows an error. Maybe since this is a free edition, it is showing them as errors. If we purchase the original version, we may get a more detailed explanation to each of those errors.


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