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    Hide your sorrows and share the joys

    Everyone in one's life has bad times and good times. The usual ups and downs in the life are no surprise. Sometimes sorrows will be there as well as sometimes joyous moments will also be there.

    We become perturbed when we encounter failures and setbacks while we are happy and excited with our successes and achievements. This is the normal human natural and it is quite normal to have such feelings in such situations.

    We usually share our sorrows and joys with others, with our friends, with our colleagues, with our well wishers and with our guides and mentors. It is good to share as it relieves or reinforce you from that feeling - good or bad.

    I think no one is interested in hearing our failures and setbacks. It is quite boring. At the same time everyone likes to enjoy the success and wants to become a part of it either as an self proclaimed facilitator or to join the celebrations.

    So we should for all practical purposes hide our sorrows and confine them to ourselves and only share our joyous moments with others.

    What do you think about this?
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    Actually we require a hand holding when we are in difficulties and sorrows. We feel relieved if we share our sorrows with somebody. When we are happy we may not require any encouraging words. We require them only when we are in depression and sorrow. As mentioned by the author if we can withstand the sorrows and if we don't, share it with anybody, it will be excellent. But how many can do it. There are some people who will understand our sorrows even though we don't express and come forward to help. That will be a good way and people will get delighted.
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    It's the harsh reality of the society that they dont want to reveal their failures as they fear that people will criticise them for it. Whereas they forget that sometimes there is positive criticism too which one may take as advice. I dont feel shy or fear to share my failures with people if someone shows an interest to hear it in the hope they will tell me something which will benefit me.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    It is natural to share our emotions and feelings which express either joy or sorrow. The problem is that there are very few true people around us who genuinely get affected by else's emotion. So, whatever a person shares might not get the required attention.
    I always feel, there are very few people who become happy with our happiness or be sad due to our sadness. Usually one becomes sad because someone else is happy and vice versa. So, it's better to share one's happiness or sadness only with the people about whose feeling the speaker is confident, or else sharing becomes meaningless.


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    This most often depends upon the caliber of any individual person. For me if an individual carry on with telling his failures then he is found to be weaker in comparison to someone who is able to hide his failures & goes ahead with the success of whatever amount & quantity. Other than this few of us are also surrounded with our own habits to depict with our hidden feelings. Well its a matter of understanding with the others too & how much we are able to explore the insight of the different personalities.

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