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    How long does it take to receive iSC payment?

    Hi all,
    Can anybody solve my problem? My ISC payment announcement was done at the end of the month of October. As I didn't notice the announcement, I updated my pay invoice in the month of December. It's been more than two weeks now, I didn't receive my payment. So how long does it take to receive a payment?
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    Normally it took a week for me to get the payment from here. I applied on 1st December and got it on 7th December. But your case is different. If it's been more than two weeks then it's a thing to worry. May be an editor will respond appropriately on this.

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    Generally, it takes a week to receive the payment if the invoice is correctly filled up. At this page, you will find your name along with the Invoice number if payment is announced. In the box where your name, amount and Invoice number are there just click on the highlighted link (indicating the month of the Cash Payment) and you will go to the page of your Reward Details.

    When you have already uploaded the Invoice you must have seen the rectangular box just above the Choose File tab with a bold heading "Update payment status, post queries about this payment or upload invoice". You post all your invoice related queries there and it will be quickly answered. For more details about the payment process have a look in this thread and hope you will find your answers.


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    The payment will be made once in a month. Every month there will be an announcement in which the names of the persons and the amounts announced to them with invoice number will be given. If your name is there in the list, you will also receive a email. Then you can fill the invoice as per the proforma given. Then you have to upload the same in this site.once you upload the same within ten days your payment will be credited in your account. There is a thread which is visible in the top pinned threads regarding the procedure. You can refer that thread to understand the full procedure.
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    Rosie, your concern has been put up to the admin for necessary action. Please wait for a response.
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    Hello Rosie Ray

    Sorry for the late reply. You didn't mention any "Payee Name" in your invoice. Please fill the invoice with correct bank details and upload again. We can transfer the payment as soon as I get your new Invoice.

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    I am very sorry for this silly mistake. Now I have updated and uploaded the invoice Timmy Sir

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