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    Is it possible to compensate a certain bad thing with something good?

    Since good and bad is a personal choice, it's not possible to universally declare something good or bad. There are certain things that are socially unacceptable, such as rude behavior and anyone will say it's a bad trait. On the other hand, honesty is acceptable to everyone and honest people are regarded as good persons. Now, for the moment, let's stick to this socially acceptable standard as good and unacceptable standard as bad.

    Think of the atoms and elements. Every atom is neutral and it's their property and every charged particle tends to become neutral, that's why positive ions and negative ions attract each other so that they both can compensate each other. In mathematics when we add +2 and -2 it becomes zero. In terms of mathematics, it is always true and there will be no exception. Everybody has some kind of negative traits which may be socially unacceptable, but somehow she/he tries to maintain a balanced posture in front of others. This can also be termed as a kind of neutrality.

    Now when a person is behaving in a way which is socially unacceptable, is it possible to compensate it and earn a respect by doing something good which is socially acceptable? Suppose if a person puts someone in trouble deliberately, is it possible to gain his confidence back the next time by helping him in some unusual way?
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    Our behaviour and attitudes towards other people are very important parameters as they are the steps to cordial coexistence.

    In fact we should not do anything of bad nature to anyone in our life though it is difficult to maintain such a positive pace but one should try to attain such a level.

    Life does not move ahead with mathematical formulas or arithmatic propositions. It is based on the subtle behaviours and relations among the people.

    So, we should try to refrain from ill doings as it can not be compensated with any number of good deeds later. People do not remember what good you did to them. They only remember the bad parts.

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    Good is good. Bad is bad. The affect of the both will be experienced separately. The bad one has done might have affected somebody. He has to suffer. The good you have done might have helped somebody. That person will enjoy the same. So it will not neutralise.
    Many people will believe the same. Both the accounts are separate. Whatever loan you have taken in SBI to be repaid in the same bank. You can not repay it in Indian bank.
    Same is the case here also.
    So one should never do any bad things. We should not harm anybody. We may not be able to good but we should keep silent but we should not do bad.

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    In my opinion, a person has both the qualities bad and good and its up to that person how he balances both these qualities. We cannot expect a person, to be honest, all the time as sometimes he has to be calculative and manipulative otherwise others will take advantage of him in everything. It's up to that person how he manages it.

    Similarly, it's not possible to be polite every time with everyone one has to be harsh but it depends on the situation.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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