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    What is the one thing you are afraid to lose?

    It's my health.

    I am diabetic since last 10, years because of heredity as my mother side has this problem. I have been taking medicines for the same regularly but still feel it will be a problem for me later on in life. It's our health which we cannot buy from money and we cannot enjoy money if we don't have good health.

    I know there are lots of things too like friendship, relationships, money, love, self-respect but the most important is health for me which I am scared of losing in life.

    What's your one thing which you are afraid of losing in life?.
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    There is a saying that people will realize the value of friendship, health and wealth only after losing them. I can only say that health is more important than the others. Now I know the value of health very much after losing it. Try to keep good health and enjoy life to the full extent.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Health is wealth. This is a old saying. Even though you have a lot of money, friends and relatives also, if there is no health you will not have happiness and pleasure in the life. In the absence of heath we feel we have lost everything in our life. So one should always have the fear of losing health and all required precautions and care should be taken to upkeep our health. Sometimes we may have small problems and they can be taken care with proper medication and food habits. But if we neglect these small issues we may land up with big problems.
    I am always worried about my health and I observe all precautions and I will be very careful about my food habits. So far by the grace of God, I don't have any health problem. I always be cautious of my health with a fear of losing it.

    always confident

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    Health is definitely the most important possession which no one will like to lose. It is the root strength of all our activities in the life.

    Many people do not understand the value of their health and abuse it only to repent later.

    Health is such a thing that if you care for it with good habits, exercise and discipline in life then it will reciprocate in the most positive ways to make you comfortable.

    No doubt it is the most precious things we have.

    Knowledge is power.

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    True. Losing health is worse than sudden death. Don't worry. Keep your diet in check and exercise regularly. You will be healthy soon. I am obsessed with being healthy too but I have no control over my diet. I will have to control my mouth.
    Coming to that question, I am afraid of losing my best friend, Anamika the most. We met online and are yet to meet each other in real. But the bond we share is very sturdy and strong. So losing her is my worst fear.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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