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    Why is there a mushrooming of the NGOs?

    Now a days we find that there are a large number of NGOs active in our country in various fields. They are everywhere. Education to all, poverty abolition, women empowerment, social upliftment, health issues etc are some of the fields where they are mostly operating but they are present in many other arenas also.

    Many of them are doing simply duplication work and instead of merging in each other, trying to keep their own identity. From where these NGOs are getting funds for their operations and day to day expenditures? Are so many NGOs really required?

    These are the questions coming in our minds. What do you think about this?
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    The reason is outburst of private companies. Since money going to NGOs are exempt of taxes, rich people keep funding these organisations and keep their account in check. And also in many interviews students are asked if they ever volunteered for a social cause. There are actually two student funded welfare programs which my college recognizes and cooperates with. We enroll in one of those programs and show that we volunteered. Something similar to that is going on with NGOs. NGOs are popular because they help us getting jobs easily. One more important factor being arising digital banking. Patreon, Paytm, Bitcoin etc help us contribute without even stepping out. This in turn has led many newer NGOs to be formed with hardly any need.
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    There are many people in India and they have a lot of spare time to spend. So this is a way to pass their time. That is how many NGOs are cropping up.
    How much real they are and are they really doing something good to the society is a million dollars question. These days we are receiving many emails asking us to fund their organisations from many NGOs. But what is happening to the money we are donating is never known to us. That is many people are really donating without knowing the facts. So if the NGOs are in their known circles they will donate money. This concept is making many to start an NGO. The donations made to these Organisations are exempted from IT many taxpayers are coming forward to pay for the same. By seeing this trend many new NGOs are coming.
    So many NGOs are never necessary for society. More the Organisations and more people corruption will become a part here also and the donations they are getting also may be misused. So it is better to have less number of Organisations with more people involved.

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    There are lots of people who donate money for tax exemption. Also, they inspire people to donate things and money. Many times NGO GOONJ has come to our office during a disaster as we had in Kedarnath and Kerala to collect items and funds donated by us. They all have a good network and do collect money like this. Apart from this people directly donate funds to their account. It has happened that our company has collected funds from the employees and submitted the collective amount in their bank account.

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    There is no dearth of NGOs in India. Many NGOs do good work but most of them are corrupt. There is nothing called free lunch and even NGOs need to pay salary and do admin expenses to run their operations. Now when the funds inflow increases then greed and personal gains take over the motive for which the NGO was set up. Obviously they are exempt from tax but for that they need to do some compliance with the Income Tax Department, which can be easily done if they arrange all the documents and hire one good consultant to do the liasioning and palm greasing.

    I can actually explain their modus operandi as to how they loot the money of institutional as well as individual donors. I should not blame all the NGOs but the more organised they become the more corrupt they are.

    Usually it is marketed that since Government and its agencies cannot reach each and every corner of the country, so these institutions help them achieve that goal as they bring in expertise and have better reach to the interiors of rural areas.
    Many NGOs showcase their expertise and achievements by faking document and thereby securing grants from governments and also some private institutions. Even getting International funding is not difficult if you know how to market yourself. Although thousand software NGOs got their FCRA license cancelled as they did not file their return to the government regularly.

    NGOs which have backing of big companies are able to grab big grants and they fudge the funds receipt without any fear. They dwindle the money and give expensive gifts to officials of many government departments. This way they get their money released from Government departments, if the grant is from Government.

    I should close my thread here as I have too much to write about it. Still I would close the thread by saying that, not all NGOs are bad but yes greed and easy money has taken over motive of many good NGOs and they are adding to corruption in organised way.

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    In a big country like India, there are various problems in the society and the government alone cannot tackle all these problems. The NGOs (non-governmental organization)are started with a concept to function as an independent entity to carry out works for the benefit of the society. There are many NGOs working with many underprivileged classes of the society, but there are even more NGOs nowadays asking for donations from different people even at some important locations. I have heard from many that there are fake NGOs, the same is expressed here also by a few members.

    Actually, since the process to start an NGO is comparatively much easier, people are registering an NGO by stating that they are providing service to a particular segment. The economic condition of our country is poor, there are a lot of irregularities everywhere and many people are facing hardships. Now, when somebody is describing a certain difficulty of a particular section to people, a few of them get emotional and donate money. You will get the tax relief if the NGO is properly registered, but I have seen many collecting small amounts from people on the streets and generally for these small amounts nobody bother to verify whether they are original or not.

    Another big problem all over the country is the concerned authorities never carry out necessary inspections to find out how many are real and how many are fake. As long as there is no widespread awareness of this issue, people will never think of verifying and hence there will be no complaint also to monitor their activities.


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    Many unemployed people are joining the NGOs for a meagre salary. So there is no problem for NGOs to get working hands for their core areas.

    Many organisations are funding these NGOs in the name of social uplifting as well as some Govt departments are giving them aid. With this, these NGOs are somehow surviving.

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    The author has raised a very important issue. Although I have some first-hand knowledge on this subject, I can't mention the same on this platform. However, this much can be stated that a considerable number of NGOs may not be genuine. These NGOs don't do any significant work and try to get funds from various corners. But more important are those NGOs which indulge in various activities detrimental to the interest of the country.
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