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    Will Nitish Kumar go back to Lallu?

    One of the hottest topics in some sections of the press is the increasing tension between Nitish Kumar and Modi. There are some who dare say that he would possibly even go back to Lallu at the time of the Lok Sabha elections.

    We do not have big reports on the ground. As one vital State, each one of us should be rather concerned about a very good politician and a clean politician like Nitish Kumar.

    Can he once again come back to the Congress and Lallu and be projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate? Will this happen? If yes, what will happen to Opposition unity?

    Members who know the inside story may please come up with their views.
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    The one thing which is most unexpected in the Indian politics is the ways in which the chemistry happens and considering this along with the past experiences anything seem possible. Any of the political parties intends to carry with the increased grounds & with the increased importance in the political arena & in the current scenario nothing can be an exception. So who knows that rivalry of once upon a time may sure be forgotten with new opportunities come around for many of them.

    In context to the Prime Ministerial candidate, the whole unity may be broke in seemingly no time because the expected Prime Ministerial candidate are all the leaders of each of the political parties which are forming the alliance partnerships against the current PM Modi led NDA government.

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    There is no point which can be ruled out in India in politics. A friend today is a foe tomorrow. A foe tomorrow may be a friend again the day after tomorrow. So we can't rule out anything. The TDP and Congress friendship is one such unexpected union only. Now KCR is hunting for local party leaders in various states leaving Congress and BJP. So we have to wait and see.
    But we have seen earlier also many combinations like this and no government is stable and has not lost long. Two knives can't be placed on the same cover. In the same way, we can't have two party President's in a union at different levels. There will be a quarrel always for PM post. Every Parry President wants to be the PM. So even the alliance partnerships will not be lost long. So they will not announce their PM candidate till the elections are over. Only BJP will announce Modi as their PM candidate.

    always confident

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