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    Why not reusable bags?

    A suggestion to the Railways to recycle and resuse the paper covers of bed sheets has been made in this thread. Do you have any other useful suggestions about things used on trains which could help to save the environment?

    These days in all the trains in AC coaches free blankets, bedsheets and pillows are being given for use during the travel. After each use, they will be again washed and ironed and distributed to the passengers. These bedsheets are kept in a paper cover and it will be thrown immediately after taking out the bedsheets. So every day so many bags will be used and it may be recycled or the majority may be wasted also. We always talk about deforestation and pollution. If the Indian Railways can think of giving these bedsheets in a reusable bag and if they are also cleaned and used again and again, the usage of paper bags will come down. It will save a lot of Paper and hence it will save many trees. I feel the government should think and see that they are replaced with reusable bags. Otherwise, they can give the bedsheets as it is without keeping in the covers. I like to know the opinion of the members on this issue.
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    Absolutely, the government should think about it as lots of paper bags at destroyed whereas there should be a system to recycle them. When we talk about banning the use of plastic bags than simultaneously one should check if the requirement of paper bags doesn't shoot up. If it happens then too it's not good for the environment as lots of trees are cut down to produce paper.

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    A good suggestion by the author. Every time when the bed sheets are taken out of the paper cover, people throw it out in the bin. This is a huge wastage of paper and to minimize this wastage a new way must be found. Use of reusable bags is a good idea and the paper covers can be recycled too.

    From the laundry, the bedsheets and covers are directly kept inside a dedicated space inside the compartment. Since they are not immediately given to passengers, they are kept inside covers so that they do not become dirty. Jute bags can be widely used for this purpose instead of paper bags and there are other materials also that may be used without wasting paper. The pollution is rising everywhere at an alarming rate, so everywhere the wastage of paper needs to be reduced.


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    It is a good idea to use the reusable bags instead of paper bags. After the distribution of the blankets, sheets etc, these reusable bags can be collected back and later can be given for laundry along with the main items. So they will become a part and parcel of the main items.

    This methodology can be adopted and will be a long time environment friendly initiative. If we want to do it, there is absolutely no problem in implementing it. If there is a will there is a way.

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    It is good suggestion to avoid wasting paper bags. But the using reusable bags though find good, possibility of taking away of the same by passengers or attendants are there.

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