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    110 Km in 4 hours. Is it a Super fast train?

    I was travelling from Kakinada a smart city in Andhra Pradesh to Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana with my wife on a train. The train on which we travelled is an AC train and a super fast train. The total travelling time is supposed to be 10 hours 30 minutes. But there are many other super fast trains which will cover the same distance in 9 hours. The travelling time for the particular train we travelled today, the designed time for the last 110 km is 2h and 3o minutes. How it can be an SF train when the average distance covered in an hour is less than 50 Kms. Today the train is 2 hours late. It was on time up to the last 110 Kms. From there it has taken 4 hours for the remaining distance. The average speed we can calculate to this train is just around 40 Km /hour if you take the total journey and 25Km/hour in the last leg. Can this train be called SF express? The railway department is calling these days many trains similar to this as SF expresses and collecting separate charges for this. This is nothing but deceiving the public. Do you agree?
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    Most of the Superfast trains are like this only. Palnadu SF train has to reach within 4.5 hours from Guntur to Secunderabad. But some times after reaching outskirts, it takes 1 to 1.5 extra hours time to reach secunderabad. Similarly Janmabhoomi and Intercity trains take more time but they charge SF fare.

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    The trains which are being driven by the super-fast engines are called super-fast trains. But, the naming does not consider the number of stations where such trains are forced to stop. From the point of view of the passengers, it is a misnomer.
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    They call it super fast trains but they are like ordinary trains. Here in North India due to fog in winters, almost all the trains get late. Except Rajdhani and Shatabdi express all trains stop for a long time causing delay. It's very tough to sit and wait for the train to run. I have personally experienced such delays many times that's the reason I dislike travelling on a train may SF or a passenger train.

    It's very strange that Railways still charge an extra fare for SF trains. I think they should reimburse some money to the passengers if they get late.


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