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    Will Pakistan export this item to China?

    After a fairly long time, I have again been reading various articles on Pakistan's economic condition. Although some of my friends state that Pakistan exports only terrorism to other countries, after my reading, I stand to differ. Pakistan has been exporting mango and rice to middle-eastern countries. Pakistan is also exporting footballs. In fact, in the just-concluded FIFA World Cup, Pakistan-made footballs have been used.

    But the sympathizers of Pakistan will be delighted to know that Pakistan has been planning to export another item to its long-time friend, China. I have read a report that last year, Pakistan has produced a huge number of donkeys. In fact, Pakistan is now at No. 3 in donkey production rate. Mr. Hamid Mir, the famous Pakistani journalist has tweeted on 19th December, 2018 that the donkey business is flourishing in Lahore.

    At the same time, in China, the production of donkeys has steeply declined. So, Pakistani businessmen are naturally planning to export donkeys to China.

    Members! Won't you congratulate Pakistan on this great achievement which has huge export potential?
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    Exporting live animals is very tricky and has been only observed a few times in our entire history. So if this news is true Pakistan is actually doing a great job. My doubt is why is China even in need of donkeys or mules? So I searched about it and learnt that its actually the donkey hide that Chinese use in local traditional medicine. Then Pakistan will be exporting hides? Or to save the medicinal effect the donkeys are to be slaughtered fresh? This news is strange.
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    Whatever may be the reason behind China's need for donkeys, Pakistan is finally going to help its friend China. "Dost ho to aisa"!
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    From selling of goats, buffaloes to the present circumstances wherein the author has suggest Pakistan for the exports of Donkeys to China in order to assist its economy is in fact entertaining rather than ridiculous. If we look at the image of Pakistan on the world forum than this has been established more or less as a terrorist state which even USA has confirmed in his official statement. We see a bigger support from the China that Pakistan is still having some support in context to International assistance or else this has been completely separated.

    So far planning to export donkeys to China is not officially declared by either side but still this less seem possible that China would be interested onto importing Donkeys as this is already having the latest of the technologies with nothing critical being noticed on record.

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    1. Mr. Anand: This is not the imagination of my fertile brain. Pakistani businessmen are contemplating export of donkeys to China.

    2. Last week a video from Pakistan has become viral. in the video, Pakistani channel Geo TV Urdu's news reporter Mr. Amin Hafeez was reporting about animal trade and he was seen sitting on a donkey. Moments later in the video, the reporter was seen falling off the donkey while reporting. Needless to state, many people all over the world including Pakistanis are immensely enjoying the video and forwarding it to others.

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    I just searched with the but I couldn't get the official announcement in latest but although there are news listed of the last year. But still I do feel that this doesn't make offended to anyone.

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    Some old links are already available, one of which is indicated below:-

    In addition, I would request the Members to watch the video about which I mentioned in my previous response. The reporter, in that video, talks about export of donkeys.

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    Is this a news? With nothing new to add the author seems to have stumbled upon an old news item to satisfy his tastes.

    This thread is being locked being stale.

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    Good to note that Pakistan has a capability of exporting some other items in addition to terrorism. As China is a friendly country to them, they don't want to export terrorism there. So they are planning to export donkeys to China. China is very famous for non-vegetarian food. So they may add this meat also in their list of eatable non-vegetarian items.
    Anyhow, let them concentrate more on exporting donkeys and give lesser importance to the export of terrorism so that there will be peace in the world for some time and they will also earn a good name. Anyhow thanks to the author for sharing good information about our neighbouring country.

    always confident

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