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    Imagining delivery boys as real Santa for this Christmas!

    What's wrong in believing this as this also comes-up with many surprises but although we knew about it in some way or the other? But what if the consignment scheduled to be delivered later are delivered to you on before time & what if the same being taking place on the Christmas eve because this could be in real terms prove to be the real surprise for you. In few of the moments the booked material has been delivered to me in advance then the expected date of delivery & this very surprise brought me with some real happiness with it.

    Let's try to bring all of them with few smiles on their faces too & still we got enough time to think on that. So do you have something in your mind which is going to make their day too?
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    Your thought is amazing really. I like how you view something differently that others would take for granted.
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    May be with a smile on our face we can make their day. But normally it doesn't happen as when we book something they tell us the expected time of delivery and it's very rare that our consignment is delivered before that time especially on the festive season

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    It is a good idea to time the delivery for the Christmas eve. It will be effective value addition to the gift as that is the day of receiving those gift items.

    One can try to time it for 25th in advance and the online store will make allout efforts to deliver the goodies on that day.

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    These days we are getting many consignments well before the day it is expected. I was expecting a packet today. But it was delivered yesterday itself. I was very happy and thanked the boy for delivering the item well in advance. He is very submissive and I offered him a KitKat as a gift for Christmas. He was happy and thanked me. He said that he will offer that item to his kid waiting at the house for his arrival. Like this, if we really want to help them and see the happiness on their faces we can give them small gifts and make them happy. A gift is always a gift and should never be measured by its value.
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    It is really an innovative idea to "imagine delivery boys as real Santa." The first thing which we can do is to show gratitude and thankfulness to them for their service. We can offer them a glass of water or a cup of tea with a warm welcome. These things may appear simple but are enough to bring a smile on their face. This will make Christmas special for both of us.

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