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    This reporter has again taken considerable risk to report live

    Throughout the world, the reporters have been taking many risks to report various events. Many reporters go to war-front to provide minute details about the ongoing wars and battles. Some reporters visit the insurgents and terrorists. Some reporters go to forests to report some events.

    Pakistani reporter Mr. Amin Hafeez is also known for live reporting under various strenuous circumstances. Earlier he did live reporting getting drenched in rain. He also tried to interview a cow in front of the television camera. But now he has surpassed himself.

    Last week, a Pakistani video has become viral. In this video, Mr. Amin Hafeez, the famous reporter from Pakistani channel Geo TV Urdu, went to report a thriving donkey market in Pakistan. He was reporting live and was very excited when he was describing the export potential of donkeys. However, at that time, he was on the back of a donkey. Moments later, the famous reporter was seen falling off the donkey while reporting.

    Many famous personalities of Pakistan tweeted about the incident and shared the video. Mr. Hamid Mir, the famous journalist of Pakistan, has tweeted: "Donkey business flourishing in Lahore and look at the way my old Freind Amin Hafeez reporting donkey business by risking his life." Mr. Mehmal Sarfraz commented: "Amin Hafeez rocks". Another said: "This reporter needs to get the award for best coverage".
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    It looks like an extension to the just locked thread of the author on the subject of donkey export. In this thread, he highlighted the reporter who reported the Donkey business and interviewed a donkey also. I will try to see the video.
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    Hehe, that's funny. It was good to know that he was not hurt. It's strange that he interviewed a cow. I wonder how he does get such unique ideas.

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    Interested Members may enjoy these Amin Hafeez videos:-


    There are many more videos of brilliant reporting of Amin Hafeez. You may kindly search.

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    Partha, I suggest you be supportive. Please desist from acting. This thread is being locked now for reasons well known to you. And if you feel that by putting up the same issue in a different tone you have outsmarted our editorial panel, you are mistaken. And that letters in bold is being removed because the intent is clear.
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