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    Only once one can bathe in the same 'river'.

    Most of us love taking bath in rivers. In our country rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Kaveri, etc.are generally well known and are given certain holistic importance also. 'Ganga snanam' is much preferred by Indians, especially those who belong to Hindu religion.
    However, most of the people used to take bath in a river in the neighbourhood. Those who belong to Hindu religion, earlier, started the day with a dip in the river. River is given much importance in the life of elderly people. Every day they prefer this routine.
    Taking bath in a particular river every day was part of their belief. But if look at the nature of any river, the water is always flowing. That means if a bath is taken now, just after a few seconds or minutes, that river is no more there. 'River' here means the physical one, it is the water content, the neighbouring atmosphere, the animal contents in the water, etc.. Evidently all these put together give the real river concept. That means the river in its physical sense has changed she he takes his second dip. This when generalised implies that one can have a dip in a river only once.
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    Sankaran Sir,

    I beg to disagree. A river is a natural stream of water. It is not water at any particular place. If water flows away from a place in any river, it stays in the same river/stream to a great extent. Ganga river is Ganga in Haridwar and Allahbad. Ganga's name does not change when the water flows from Haridwar to Allahbad.

    Refer to your words - "That means if a bath is taken now, just after a few seconds or minutes, that river is no more there. " Where does the river vanish, if the river is no more there? Sir, the river is there only. At any particular place (the place of bathing), the water keeps on changing and not the river.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Probably the author means that the water in the river will be flowing. It is not stationary. Even while we are having our bath also the water in the river will be flowing only. Here the surroundings of the river are stationary but water is the variant. Even in our bathrooms we use the same mug daily but the water will be different, The water in the Ganga will flow from its origin to the place where it will merge with the ocean.
    The water in the Godavari in a particular place may move to another place by tomorrow but it will be in the same river till it is consumed or get mixed with the ocean. A river is a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another river.

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    Dear Mr. Gypsy, please read the contents once again. I didn't mean the river Ganga is getting changed. It will remain as Ganga. It is a name given by the people long back. What I meant is given in the note, ".... River here means ...... second dip".
    Everything in nature is subject to movements, hence everything is subject to change.


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    The thread is giving me the idea to differentiate between the bathe in a pond versus a bathe in the river.

    In a pond the water is stagnant while in a river it is flowing and this is the change of water in the river perpetually which is being indicated by author in this philosophical manner to highlight that every bathe in the river is with a renewed water.

    Knowledge is power.

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