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    Do you think there is a correlation between success and education?

    Is education the key to success? Can an uneducated person also achieve a lot of success in life? Give your feedback in this forum discussion.

    Most of us believe that people are successful if they are educated. That's the reason our parents used to adopt all techniques for us to study hard. Similarly, we do it for our kids. There is no guarantee, though, that a person who is good at maths or science may get success in life. One has to be creative to be successful in life.

    Education is important as one gets civilised and leans etiquette a by being educated but even without education, one may get success if he is determined and hardworking. An educated person may be rich but may not be socially successful as he may require a few other qualities for that.

    What's your opinion? Do you think one has to be highly educated to be successful in life?
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    The general trend is to score good marks in school, college and get a job that offers a good pay package. Everywhere people have generalized this trend and that's why the parents force their kids to study hard and get the coveted job. The success that you meant to say in this thread is measured in terms of money and one thinks the more educated a person is, the more chances are there for her/him to get a high salaried job.

    Actually, we have generalized things in such a way without thinking of the consequences in the future and to some extent because of this, education has turned into a business. There are coaching centres mushrooming everywhere and they are advertising in such a way as if they are the only one who can turn the student more intelligent. If we look into the rate of depression in students, we will be surprised to find that in many cases, it is because of their inability to cope up with the pressure of studies. Rather turning the kids into machines, parents must inculcate certain habits in the kids so that they can become a wonderful human being. Yes, money is required and is essential for our survival, but not everything in life.

    There is no relation between success and education. Everything depends on how you want to take your life. If you think earning more money is a success then as long as you are not earning that intended amount you will remain unsuccessful. On the other hand, if you think that completing each assignment is a success, then you can stay more focused and enjoy life in your own way.


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    Education is the basic platform on which skills and knowledge can be kept to gain experience and success in life.

    There is not a one to one correspondence between education and success but it is sufficient to get you a mediocre job for your livelihood.

    Education is simply an academic acquisition and there are many other things in life which help you to progress and achieve phenomenal success.

    Some people reach very high places in business or politics without formal education.

    They, then hire the highly qualified people to work for them.

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    No, I don't think there is any co-relation between success and education. True education makes a man understand to differentiate ggood and bad and to follow the path of good. Success means material success, for which literacy may or may not be necessary, but not education.
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    No. There is no correlation between education and success. All educated are not successful and all successful people are not educated. We will have many examples for this. My aunt ( Mother's sister) is a doctorate in Telugu literature and got very good rewards and awards during her education. But after completing her education she couldn't get a lecturer post even in a good private college and she worked in a junior college in a small area in the private sector for a low salary. She is not successful in her career.
    I know a person who is even not completed his SSC. He was working as an office boy in private industry. He requested MD to shift him to manufacturing. There he maintained good relations with his bosses. The company was having a policy of giving the product manufactured in the company at a lower rate. He started using that facility and started selling outside people. Slowly his sales increased and he resigned from the job and taken the dealership of the company for a district. He improved his sales and he has become the number one sales dealer for the company. He earned crores of rupees in the business. The company was forced to be closed because of some industrial relations problems in the company. Production stopped. But other companies making the same product offered him advance materials for sales and now he is a very well known man in the industry. He is successful in his life.

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    Education and success are not correlated, partially.
    It was a trend in old times, that if one has to be successful, he/she has to be educated enough.
    But today, no such connection is there between the two. Though that is still considered the basic way out to secure a job and earn by the layman.
    A person with a broad mindset will have an altogether different thought process towards this situation.
    I know this person, who is my friend's brother. He was not good in studies from the very start. So, just completed the tenth std. only. But, today, he is an efficient and successful developer and freelances usually for clients from the globe.
    So, I think skill acquisition is more important for a successful graph.

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