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    Is it business as usual?

    Did you come across some unique way of selling a product by a street vendor? Share your experiences.

    Generally, a market is a dedicated place where you will find a multitude of shops selling various items. There will be grocery shops, vegetable shops, different types of meat and fish shops and many more. For our daily requirement, we go to these markets where necessary daily consumables are available. Other than markets there may be a few shops scattered in a locality selling various items. Sometimes, you can find a shop selling few of your favorite items outside the market only. This happens with many people. Also, while walking on the streets of different areas, you will come across vendors selling different items.

    Other than the markets there are shopping malls where you can enjoy shopping, watch a movie and have a meal. While travelling in a local train, you can find hawkers selling interesting items. They come from distant places and travel in different local trains taking their items inside the bag. The interesting part about few of those hawkers is the process of attracting customers. They talk in a special tone and use certain sentences that at times make us laugh.

    Other than these types of vendors, I came across another interesting vendor near our housing complex today morning. That guy came from MP and was selling swings for kids. The interesting part is provided in the snap that has been taken in the morning. The guy was sitting under a tree and kept the swings attached to a strong rope that was hanging from that tree. He is also a businessman and minding his own business!

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    People use all types of techniques to market or popularise their products. The wealthy and rich do it in the TV and media while the ordinary hawkers do it in their own unique ways.

    Ordinary hawkers generally sell items at a lower price then the market and that is one of the main reasons why they are able to make a comfortable sale.

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    It is true that different people will adopt different methods to see that they will sell the stocks they brought for sale. We see many people trying to please us by different methods and see that we will buy the product. Sometime we may purchase because of these tricks even though they are not required.
    A week back I was travelling with my wife to my relatives' house. On the way, the car was stopped near the traffic signals. There I have seen a small girl selling play toys. One particular toy she was holding in her hand was moving very nicely when we apply the key to it and I purchased the same. She gave a packed toy which is similar. In the evening we came back and shown the same to my granddaughter and opened the cover. The inside doll was not working as the key is not matching the part where it is to be inserted. That is how I got cheated by that small girl who might have sold similar damaged pieces to others also.

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    People have their own way of selling things. Few people sing a song, few shouts in a peculiar tone like the vegetable seller who comes to our colony. By listening to his voice my wife comes to know that he has come to sell vegetables.

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