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    Let's learn to blame ourselves, and not others for our faults

    It is a tendency to quickly blame another person for mistakes and faults instead of blaming oneself when one is responsible for it. Why is this so? Discuss the concept of blame game in this thread.

    We often have this habit of not owning our mistakes. We tend to blame others very quickly and if it backfires, we are left feeling miserable. A very Senior level person in an auto component company faced this situation recently. In a vital meeting, he blamed a junior official of not sending him a vital paper for information. The poor person had to get a big banging in the presence of others. He was given a dressing down by the CEO himself.

    A couple of hours later, almost by the time the meeting got over, the very same paper had found its way to the CEO's table, with the comments of the Senior person, who had actually forgotten seeing the paper. He should have checked for facts rather than rushing to conclusions. The CEO called both the persons and explained how this situation could have been better handled.

    We, the common people also do similar mistakes. We often blame our wives for no fault of theirs. We even show all our anger on our children, who are very innocent. In any case, owning our mistakes is the best way to survive and also be happy.

    What do members have to say on this?
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    This lesson has become stale and old. Now, we must learn how to blame others for our very own mistakes. (Just joking)
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    This is a very common phenomenon in many organisations. The Senior will blame the junior for the failures but achievements will be attached to the senior only.
    In my earlier Organisation, there was an accounts officer who was very sincere. He was respecting the seniors always and minding his own business. He was looking after the contractor's bills and as a system, no bills should be pending with him for more than ten days. Once there was a complaint from a contractor that his bills got delayed. Immediately the director called the officer and asked. His immediate boss was also with the director. The officer said that he has corrected the bills and sent to his next boss and they were on his table. But his boss bluffed that the papers were not with him. The officer was removed from the services. But later on when the director came to know the fact he was offered the job again but the person refused it as he was in a better Organisation by that time with a better pay packet.

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    It is always an easy way out to blame others for our own shortcomings. It is the most common behaviour shown by the people today.

    It is really a big weakness of human character that we never accept our mistakes as if by doing that people will praise us and recognise us. In fact we are going to lose our reputation day by day by adopting to such mean and low lying techniques to camouflage our errors and omissions.

    A brave and successful person will quickly accept his mistake as well as correct it in no time before any mass criticism takes place. That is the reason why they are different than the common masses and successful in their life.

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    No one is perfect in this world. Each one of us makes mistakes. But we should show courage to come front and accept our mistake. Actually, we think of ourself as superior to others. This is the reason we find excuses rather than an apology.
    If we commit a mistake we should also offer a sincere apology. Accepting our mistakes is a sign of our strong mental strength.
    If we learn to blame ourselves for our mistakes rather than blaming others it will not only make us a better person but also improve our professional and personal relationships.

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    It's a very normal thing for people as they commit mistakes but don't accept that they committed it because of the fear that their image will get down and people will know that they also can commit the mistake. It's very easy to commit mistakes but not easy to take responsibility for the same. One needs lots of courage to do it. Such people are cowards.

    These people have no morality. They believe that once they dump their guilt and mistakes on to others, their conscience is clear. Their ultimate motive is to keep themselves off the guilt. As they do not have valid logical reasons so they use emotions and blame others for their mistakes. Such people are emotional blackmailers.

    But that's very wrong one should be open and should accept his /her mistake without thinking anything and should try to amend things if damaged due to their mistake.


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