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    Let us think of the millions below us, in the economic ladder

    A common problem in most families is that we are very jealous of some family member earning his or her livelihood in the USA or in Europe. We get into some discussion and ventilate some grievance or the other, against that person.

    We also moan, "this is my fate". Wise elders, now in their late seventies or eighties, calm us down, pointing out to the millions who are so poor. We are in fact lucky to be where we are. They do not even have the bare essentials to survive.

    When we compare our lives to those below us, that is itself a humbling experience. We also do note that God has been more kind to us, than what we think. In effect, we just need to get on with our lives in whatever ways we can.

    After all, the elders have seen it all and are much wiser than each of us. Aren't they?
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    It is your choice. You can make your life happy or unhappy. By comparing yourself with people who are richer than you and start worrying and struggling hard to earn more and more will make your life very miserable. You can compare your life with the people who are suffering more than you and you can be happy and maintain the same statues with a happy time always. Whatever we have should be happily enjoyed and try to be happier but we should not compare with others and make our life miserable.
    The elders have seen life more than us and they studied life better than us. So we should learn from their experience and we should respect their words always. What they are teaching us may be from their experience in their lives. Experience makes a person perfect. So they will teach good and we should take a leaf out of their life and learn to live happily.

    always confident

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    Human nature is very peculiar. It is never satisfied with what it has got. It always yearns for more and more. It can be due to greed or dissatisfaction in life but it is there and is an inevitable truth.

    I remember a story by L. Tolstoy, where a greedy persons loses his life while collecting a large piece of land by running around it as he was assured to be allotted the same if he makes it before evening. The greedy man goes for a bigger encircling for a bigger land piece and can not exert and dies on the way due to over exertion.

    If we see the people below us then there is no stress and one can get the real contentment. Some people have this attainment and they are not jealous of others prosperity. They keep their needs and requirements at a lower ebb rather to envy the others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All the problems are coming from the comparisons we are making with others. If we see the poor and downtrodden who are struggling for their daily bread, we will know how privileged we are.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is a fact that most of us are always looking upward the ladder. We conveniently forget the steps we covered below. In our country there are several people who find it difficult to pull on a day. Many are sleeping everyday with empty stomach. As per World Bank estimates one third of global poor are now in India. Our Planning Commission estimated that 27.5 percentage of our population live below the poverty line.
    There are several people who work hard for feeding their family. Many pass days even by drinking water alone. Years back in Kerala, there was a system. As per that almost every middle class or upper class families would close the compound gate at night, only after verifying whether there were anybody who did not take supper. The master of the house would come and verify this, before closing the gate. If anyone is there he will be fed before closing the gate. That means, during those days the community of an area considered that every member of the area must be fed at least once every day. Can we think of such an approach these days ?


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    This is very wrong as one should fix a parameter for him/herself as just by comparing with others will always make one worry. This is human nature that he never gets satisfied with what he has with him and starts comparing himself with others and when he starts doing this he obviously gets upset.

    I never compare my self with others in the context of money or other luxuries because I have learned to keep myself happy in what I have and like that people should do that. It's not worth to dream of the things which we can't purchase.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Here, the experience speaks. Definitely, we are lucky. I know many students who have much more capability than me, but they have not become successful in life. I have done a little bit better than them. So, we must not lament. But, at the same time, we must go on trying to improve ourselves so that further success smiles at us.

    Let us work hard without lamenting the success of others.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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