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    How about merging "guess the author" and ebook contest

    We always keep searching for ways to make our ebook contests wonderful and unique. But we in ISC used to have a tradition of "guess the author" contest the intimacy or lets say understanding between members was checked. What if we could merge both contests and host one huge one. That way we can hold this tradition again.
    Here is my idea of how it can be implemented. Only first fifteen registrations are allowed to participate. The ebook entries will be sent through mail to the ME. The previous entries are then sent to the next participant through mail with a question to answer who wrote the previous chapter, since we all have monitored registration thread well and know the names and style of participants. Participants who guessed 3 authors correctly are eligible for additional points else they only get their share of credits for their entries. Would ISC consider this idea?

    And also short story contest results are not announced yet.
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    Already this concept is introduced in the Deepavali ebook contest. The name of an author who wrote a chapter was not revealed and a chance was given to all participants to guess the name of the author who wrote that chapter. The members who guessed the author correctly has been given some additional points and cash credits. I remember three members correctly guessed the author and they got the additional points and CC. What you are mentioning in this thread may be an extension to the initiation made by the Managing Editor in that ebook contest. We will wait and see the reaction of the concerned.
    Some of the members are not very attentive and they may not follow the instructions clearly sometimes. As such the pattern you are mentioning will be difficult. The process should be easy and less time to consume to the administrators of the contest. That way your suggestion requires a lot of time from the editor who conducts that contest.

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    Too complicated, Aditya! We can, as we had for the one chapter in the Diwali e-book, just have the all the chapters sent to me by email. Then participants can submit the chapters on each other's behalf, with me telling each participant via email to submit which text but not letting on who has actually written it. Everyone can then guess who actually wrote which chapter. To mix it up and make it challenging, not necessary that only the participants will submit the text - it could be any member.

    If this is workable, then we'll have it after a month or so. It would become boring, otherwise, to have only the same type of contests. I am currently working on a picture-related puzzle contest and thinking of a brand quiz again since members seemed to have liked that one. Let's bring in the new year with some fun stuff!

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    This will make the contest not only a bit complicated but also the editors will have a lot of follow up to do through the email mode which will be inconvenient and cumbersome.

    Anyway more contests are coming up in future and I hope some will be picture type or crossword type or even related to educational queries (think about it!).

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    Thanks, Umesh, for the suggestion. I went off to sleep last night with a crossword puzzle on education springing to life in my little grey cells! Let's see if it comes off the drawing board...

    Since we are tossing around contest ideas, members are welcome to put forth useful and workable concepts in this thread - any suggestions for some varied type of puzzles?

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    You may conduct a tough SUDOKU here.
    Post the SUDOKU here and invite the responses to your e-mail contest ID. The Fast, First three Right answer members should be awarded prizes.
    You should give only a time frame. Members should not (not) give any indication that they have posted their responses to the contest.
    I hope you will consider my suggestion.

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    I personally cannot conduct a Sudoku puzzle contest as I myself find them a little difficult to solve and have only tried my hand at them once or twice. Hence I would not really know how to create such a puzzle in the first place. Furthermore, if only a handful of members know the concept and most are not interested since they do not know how to solve them, it would not be worth the time and effort.

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    Vandana Ma'am,

    There was a short story contest on idioms and phrases, another contest like that one based upon famous quotes of great men may be thought of in the near future.

    Puzzles and quizzes are always interesting and I am waiting for those in different flavours.


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    Sankalan - Your suggestion will be duly considered. Thank you.

    Aditya -The results of the recent one on idioms and phrases will be announced soon. We have not forgotten! Editors were just busy with Christmas and holiday celebrations.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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