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    New dawn of development for the people of north-east

    Due to the geographical location of north-east alongwith the geographical location of Bangladesh, the problem of communication is always a major problem for the people of north-east. The condition becomes terrible if we consider the apathy of the leaders who ruled the north-eastern states over the years.

    But now the situation has started changing- and it has been changing very fast. In 2017, the Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, also known as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu has been inaugurated connecting the northeast states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The bridge is on the Rangit river, which is a tributary of mighty Brahmaputra. The bridge is the first permanent road connection between the northern Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh. Its length is 9.15 Km. making it is the longest bridge in India. This bridge immensely helps both the civilian population and the army personnel of III Corps and IV Corps located in the vicinity at Dimapur and Tezpur.

    Today the Prime Minister is inaugurating Bogibeel Bridge. The bridge is over the mighty Brahmaputra and will connect Dibrugarh and Dhemaji districts of Assam. This bridge will reduce the distance for 5 million people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. After a long delay of 22 years, the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh will be able to taste the sweet fruit of development.

    It is certainly a new dawn of development for the people of the north-east.
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    It is a really good development that since some years the North East provinces are slowly coming in line with the main stream development. The various efforts of Govt in this respect are worth praising.

    The basic infrastructure is one of the most important factor for the industrial growth of a particular area in any country and then only we can hope of economical prosperity also. The businessmen and entrepreneurs should feel ease of carrying out their activities in each and every part of our country if the overall progress is warranted.

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    It is true that the bridge that is being opened today by our Prime Minister will make North-east people to get connected to other parts of the country well. Now the chances for them to get developed will increase. It is a fantastic job by the present government. The work which is pending for many years is completed in this 4 years and the government is helping these people by getting this bridge opened for them.
    For any State in fact for any country, the industrial development will depend very much on the infrastructure facilities and in the absence of these facilities industries may not show interest to go to those places. Without industries, the growth of the place will never happen. So the government should concentrate on the development of infrastructure.
    We should congratulate the North-East people on this and we can hope that there will be growth now in these areas also.

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    years of neglect has now seemed to come to an end. Despite being a part of a country region of northeast always remained segregated because of its cultural difference as well as infrastructural backwardness. It was never able to make a proper connection with people from all around India. But now with so many infrastructure projects running in these states. We are getting again a link to connect with people of this region. These projects are not only important for the social welfare of people but also politically and strategically important seeing their closeness to Chinese border providing faster services to army deployed in the far and remote areas.
    These bridges will work to bridge the gap between not only places but also people.

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    The bridge is no doubt an accomplishment but to say that the North-East was neglected before the Modi regime is not correct. And you did forget to mention the possibly longest bridge that is being constructed in Bihar. North-East was never neglected! The seven sisters were always taken care of.
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    I had been to North East region for a few years and I am well aware that it was cut off from the country in so many respects. But now with the better infrastructure and digital governance that is coming in the main stream.
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    While going through the documentary on this bridge I came across with the fact that the foundation stone of the same had been laid in 1997 by the then Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda. The construction however started only during the year 2002 when then (late) Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurated the construction works. Since then to till date & got completed few times back in 2018 & is being inaugurated yesterday. This more than twenty years of time is taken to build the 4.98 km-long bridge.

    We are now counting on the numbers of benefits from it but how do we justify this long delay?

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    Any construction on the mighty river Brahmaputra can be considered as an engineering marvel. The undercurrents in the river are very heavy and it makes it very difficult for underwater construction. The bridge is supported on well foundations and has 42 piers constructed to 32 meters above water level. The foundation and all other work to be done underwater takes a long time. The work can be done only during a specific period of a year. The delay in the construction is understandable.
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    The construction of the Bogibeel Bridge took only 22 years. Of course, drawing, planning, programming, taking little bit commission from the tenderer, etc. can definitely take more than 18 years. Actual construction is a very small part of the entire project and it has been completed in less than 3 years in the tenure of present Governments (State Government of Assam and Central Government). It is quite natural!
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    That's good news. The construction of the bridge on the river Brahmaputra is itself is a good move. Apart for the benefit of the people of the northeast, the bridge will have a benefit for the military because the region is near to the China border and keeping in view the recent aggression by China this bridge will help to reduce travel time for the army.

    Enhanced connectivity in the Northeast will give benefits. With better connectivity, the economy of the state will get better as the states never used to attract industries due to high logistics costs and investment. Now may be after the construction of this bridge industrialists will rethink of setting industries in this region too. Also, the scope of tourism will increase with it.


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    In this thread, I mentioned Dhola-Sadia Bridge and Bogibeel Bridge. Both the bridges will help faster development of the area, boost of tourism industry and improvement of life-style of people.

    However, I astonishingly find that a television channel (NDTV) was lamenting on the problem to be caused to the fishermen because of the construction of Bogibeel Bridge.

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