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    Is it possible? To achieve goal of sustainable development?

    Sustainable development a bookish definition would define it as development without affecting the natural environment.
    And the debate about this topic has grown more after India's release of SDG (sustainable development goal) index and the sharing of real-time data of states to increase competitiveness among states for achieving these goals.
    These goals which are based on United nations 17 SDG goals which include goals like eradication of poverty, renewable energy and many more. Till now leading state in this index is Himachal Pradesh with 69 points and at the bottom of the list in Uttar Pradesh.
    Do you think such an initiative will make the Indian population a little more aware and make it really competitive to achieve these goals?
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    The global meetings for sustainable development and their follow up in the respective countries is basically meant for increasing the awareness not only in Govt circles but also in the masses.

    Sustainable development is an elusive term. It requires large scale efforts by formulating executable policies by the Govt for environment protection and prudent use of natural resources.

    Public awareness and cooperation from the citizens is also a crucial factor because without that even the best of the policies and measures fail miserably.

    Over and above that, a good governance and vigil on the activities of selfish and bad elements in the society is a pre-requisite for achieving sustainability.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The very purpose of Sustainable development is to see that the environment will not get disturbed due to development. For a financial growth industrial development is very much required. While seeing that the new industries are coming, our concentration on environmental protection is getting reduces. As such we have to see that development will happen without any damage to the environment.
    It is the need of the hour. Because of our actions already there is a lot of deterioration in the environment. We should see that it will not go further down. So these issues should be given major importance while planning our development activities. To achieve these goals the governing bodies and the other stakeholders should be sincere and plan all activities in the right direction only and one has to see that activities will be implemented in the way they were planned without any shortcuts.

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    There are a lot of differences in the theory and practical. A written thing can be realised only when there are concrete and wilful efforts for converting it to practical.

    We all are adding for degradation of the environment while only a few of us are engaged in protecting it. Govt efforts and schemes can not yield any fruitful result until the public gives whole hearted support for it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Countries like Belize, Kazakhistan, Costa Rica, Belgium and Denmark have done exceedingly well in renewable energy. Most of these countries are even energy exporters. I think they have rook the first step towarss sustainability. Bhutan is the carbon sink of the world which will help the whole country sustain. Renewable energy is the first step towards sustainability and smaller countries like the ones above can be easily modified. But a vast nation like ours faces problems after problems in implementing any new procedure. The population growth and numerous opposition parties are not helpful either. India is going to have tough time being sustainable.
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