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    The new movie 'Zero': An 'akhand' nonsense

    Perhaps the director (Aanand L Rai) thought that people would accept whatever ridiculous thing the superstar (Shahrukh Khan) provides. Otherwise, such film can't see the light of the day. Yes, I am talking about the newly-released film 'Zero' featuring Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma.

    The story starts in Meerut, where Bauua Singh (Shahrukh Khan playing the role of a dwarf) misuses his father's (Tigmanshu Dhulia) money while being enchanted by the Bollywood superstar Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif). But, things change when Bauua comes across highly-qualified scientist, Aafia's life. He is vertically-challenged and she suffers from cerebral palsy, so their shortcomings become common ground. But Bauua comes to Mumbai and then the story does not remain a story.

    The film is total nonsense and is going to bomb in the box-office. It deserves such treatment.
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    I got that much from trailer alone. But from what I have seen common moviegoers are still in favour of the movie while critics are bashing it. Well there may be a few flaws in story but from what I have heard it offers a solid entertainment. I am yet to watch the movie. I'll let you know my thoughts once I watch it.
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    There are many reviews of this movie and many of them are giving negative impressions about the movie. But many youths are still enjoying seeing this movie and they say it is a good entertainer. No member from my house has seen the movie. We are not interested in seeing the movie.
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    Most of the movies are made like that only. The producers are only bothered for the entertainment point of view and somehow wants to make it a hit on the box office.

    Very few movies are liked by the masses and become instant hit.

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    I saw the movie on 22nd. The acting was not below par but the story development was pretty absurd. It wasn't too bad an idea, but it just wasn't worked on properly, both in the script department and in the direction. It just became an overemotional drama which entered the realm of ridiculousness in the last part of the film instead of something interesting in a fun way. The length of the film required serious trimming with the last half hour really stretched far too much. In fact, the love of the fan for the Bollywood star could have worked very nicely as a separate story in itself and the scenes with Katrina Kaif is what holds one's interest. I also liked the song in the hotel corridor as it was really uniquely choreographed and the words were really good.

    Overall, it was just not worth the Rs.150 I paid for the ticket and I was as it is peeved that the price was so high for a matinee show at 10 a.m. when the tickets of all the previous matinee shows I have seen of other films were just Rs.100, including the magnificent Bahubali 2!

    I was gleefully told by my sister that I ought to have read the reviews and then only decided whether or not to see the film! However, it is my stoic contention that one should not read reviews. All reviews narrate the storyline and if they say it is boring then one goes with a preconceived notion that one would not really enjoy the film. It is best to watch a film with a blank slate to really enjoy the plot, know the characters and get absorbed in the story. That is the whole point of going to the theatre. Let not reviews and critics spoil the experience for the paying audience!

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    There could be many more perceptions in addition to the above because any of us has got with the different tastes & who knows that in the coming times the same results to a hit with more than average profits being generated out of it. There are experiments too which sometimes doesn't work as we witnessed during the "Ra One" which was the costliest of its times but became a setback for the producer as that led to huge loss.

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    In the film, the hero, with the help of the director, has tried to take us into a world of fantasy. He thought that his superstar image would help him in this endeavour. But everything has a limit. His last film "Jab Harry met Sejal" also failed.

    Perhaps its time for Shahrukh Khan to take a break and try to come back to the real world. Nowadays films based on real-world issues are being popular. Latest example: "Badhai Ho". Shahrukh Khan must try to go back to the basics of film-making and story-telling.

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    Most of the reviews have not criticised the performance of the actor. They have appreciated Shahrukh's acting but blamed the script. Some film critics have opined that Anushka Sharma had underperformed but praised the actor and Katrina Kaif. Well, it is up to every viewer because liking differs from person to person.

    I have not seen the movie but loved to read the viewpoint of Vandana Madam who explained it very well.


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    Even a few of my friends too told that it's not a good movie. I don't know what has happened to Shahrukh Khan how does he select a movie? In recent times most of his movies have fallen down on box office and this was another one.

    May be he needs to think over it and should be more conscious while signing the movie.


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    There was nothing wrong with Shahrukh Khan's acting skills in this film and hats off to him for accepting this role and standing tall. In fact, as I said, the cast did a good job of portraying their respective characters. Yes, Anushka Sharma now and then did slip in conveying her disability, but was not too bad either overall. The storyline was a different concept and we should welcome such uniqueness as not all films need to be the same old masala type. Also, one cannot compare such films with films like Badhai Ho. Every film has got a different kind of storyline and roles to be enacted. Look at Manmariziyan, which also was unique with unusual characters. The problem with Zero was that making it a believable film went off-track in the latter half. Also, quite a few scenes were beyond the level of ridiculousness and did convey as being 'Akhand nonsense', like the scene where the school's head boy treats the hero like as though he is a student when it is pretty obvious he is not or people lining up for an astronaut test as though it is an audition for a reality TV show. Hence, the film failed to hold the interest of the viewer.
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