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    This day of December to remember that year

    Today is 26th December. I go back to the same day of the past year 2004 when India witnessed the great Tsunami in Tamilnadu coast and its devastating effect which took away the lives of many thousands and paralysed the livelihood of many families. I cannot forget that unfortunate day. I was involved in the search and relief mission on that day.

    Let us pay our homage to the innocent people who lost their lives on this day.
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    Just to add salt on the bruise we have the latest Indonesian Anak Krakatoa volcanic eruption event, which caused death to thousands on 25th. It looks like 26th December has an affinity towards tsunami. But back then it was an earthquake that caused that dreadful event. It looks like for now Indian coasts are safe because volcanic activities don't send the same amount of tremors. It is just sad that even with all our knowledge we can't escape doom.
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    Yes, that was a devastating one and wreaked havoc in the southern coast of the country. The destruction after these types of natural calamity is huge and it took years to bring things normal in the southern region. People enjoy the holidays during this time to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year, so they go on a tour to relax. Coastal areas are always a tourist attraction and people throng the beaches for fun. Because of the crowd during this season, the impact of Tsunamis is very large.

    The same thing happened in Indonesia last Saturday. The picture of the destructions displayed through different media is heart-wrenching and it's really hard to imagine the level of destruction and loss of lives.

    I pay my homage to all those who lost their lives during the 2004 Tsunami and the recent one in Indonesia and pray to the almighty to give enough strength to their families to move ahead.


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    I pay my respects and homage to the innocent people who lost their lives on this day of 2004 in the great Tsunami in Tamilnadu coast. Scientists and Engineers are doing wonders and inventing many new things which are helping us in many ways. But unfortunately, we are not able to find a way to stop this type of events which are making a lot of loss to wealth, property and human lives. After the Tsunami, we have seen many other havocs in which there were many damages. Let us hope we will get at least correct warnings in advance and see that no loss to the lives of human beings.
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    The Tsunami in Tamilnadu was very devastating and it did a lot of damage in the coastal area. Though a lot of rehabilitation was done but there are people who lost their near and dears and also lost their livelihood.

    In such times the NGOs and other charitable agencies play a very noble role and we must praise their efforts to help the affected people.

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    It's been 12 years when the tsunami hit Tamil Nadu and it caused massive destruction in the state. Many of the people lost their lives and many of them lost their home and property. It took the life of approximately 1600k people.

    Natural disaster had been the cause of massive destruction in recent days. We need to have some measures to safeguard ourself from these.


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