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    Paradigm shifts in cooking practices in our households

    There was a time when grandma prepared all the spices, chutneys and otter speciality masalas by her own hands and spiced up the home food with it. Though the grinding, peeling and grating gadgets of that time were a bit primitive but they were used in the best of the ways to produce the tastier and yummy dishes.

    Today, there is a big change as we all are observing in our cooking practices. For each and every action there are a plethora of kitchen aids available. Electric Grinders and Mixers are a common thing. Ovens and Grills are used in most of the households. All types of tools are available.

    Still, we do not use them much because most of the times we have the readymade spices for different different dishes. Even for preparing a particular dish the readymade powder is available in the market. Those who can afford usually get the food delivered from outside 2-3 times in a week specially in weekends.

    So, our cooking practices have changed drastically and I feel there is a remarkable change from the earlier times.

    What are the views of the members on this?
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    There is a sea change. The methods used these days not only in the kitchen but also in all domestic activities there is a big change. In our childhood days, my grandmother used to boil water in a big vessel on a normal stove fired with firewood. We have to get a bucket, take hot water from it and then go to the bathroom for a bath. These days we all have hot water heaters in our bathroom itself.
    Coming to the Kitchen, these days we are spending very less time in the kitchen. We want to complete the work there as early as possible. We have all the kitchen electrical appliances for all the activities which made our life simple. Of course, the tastes may differ from olden days to these days. Ready-made mixes and partly cooked foods are also available outside. This development is good for the families where both the wife and husband are working. Let us not go into the details of taste variations between the two.

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    True and the taste difference is so clear that you can tell traditionally made food and ready-made ones blindfolded. Cooking is the most supreme art form according to me because it is where artistic beauty meets daily utility. I can't think of any other art form that becomes a utility. And with all our handy equipment we are only removing the intricacies in the art of cooking. An art doesn't exist without its detail. So we are essentially removing what makes cooking so special in the first place. We have learnt how to plate our food items nicely though. Food decorations have never been this much. But what we decorate is an artificially synthesized food item. Our earthenware and metal utensils feel out of place. Ceramics and plastics have took over.
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    Yes, things have changed a lot these days. Even 30 years ago, the LPG stove was not much prevalent, but now many households have a microwave oven. Because of technological advancement, many new gadgets are available now to make things easier. The taste of the same dishes have changed in some cases because of the method of cooking and people nowadays are a lot busier. Nowadays both the husband and wife are working and hence there is no one fully dedicated to look after the affairs inside the kitchen.

    There are varieties of spices available in the market to make the dishes tastier, but the recent study indicates many of them have additives mixed in which are not good for our health. Since the quality control department is not strict enough, a few manufacturers are flouting the rules to make inferior quality spices. There are many people who are ordering foods at least a few times a week from the restaurants to avoid the hassles of cooking and there are so many food delivery apps available nowadays through which you can order anything from your favourite restaurant. Since many things are available at hand and they remain within the reach of common men, people are preferring them instead of spending more time in the kitchen.


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    Technological advancements and modernisation of life style has brought a perceptible change in the ways we carry out our cooking and related jobs. In many families the husband and wife both are going out to attend to their respective jobs. They invariably take the lunch in office canteen or a nearby place.

    Not only the methods are drastically changed but also we have inculcated many westernised things in our food habits. For example, the tasty Parotha is replaced by the bread in the morning snacks.

    Outside food which was a taboo earlier is a way of life now. Chinese, Italian, East Asian and other foreign foods are capturing our markets in a fast pace.

    So, definitely, cooking practices have undergone a sea change.

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    Yes, the things have changed with the time. May be it because in the past women uses to stay home and used to confine themselves to the household works as they used to have plenty of time to focus on cooking unlike today when we have working women who don't get much time at home so they are dependent on the readymade masalas and sometimes readymade food especially on weekends.

    I remember my mother and grandmother used to put mango and lemon prickle every year which I dont see my wife doing it because things have changed and women don't like to involve themselves only in cooking.


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