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    Is Death a punishment or a gift?

    Dear all,
    Death is unavoidable and inescapable. Every God created creature on this good earth is destined to die one day or the other. Most of us fear to meet death while many of us welcome death. So, my question is - Is Death a punishment or a gift? Is Death a curse or a boon? Let us discuss.
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    Obviously birth and death are the part of life cycle. When we grow old and we get weak physically and we need people to take care of us in such case death is a boon whereas wheñ there is untimely death of a person then its a punishment to that person as well as to his/her family.

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    In Hinduism, we are all in a never ending journey called life in one form or the other & therefore the perception of this concept including to that of death is different & in accordance to it, we will have to bear with the fruits of our actions of the past but at the same time the death is unavoidable & is understood to all of us as a milestone of a new journey. But if we continue with a different perspective then the death could prove the curse or a boon to someone. For example, for an individual with lots of physical sufferings & unable to cure would intend to wish for this or else if the life is going good with no physical sufferings than this may prove curse as the individual unable to enjoy of what he or she is capable of.

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    Birth is an event that starts our life and death is an event which ends our life. Both are the unavoidable events. We have to accept them. It may be a punishment for some people. It may be a gift to some people. If the person is suffering and not able to move out from the bed on his own, the death is a gift to him. He may not be able to enjoy his life and at the same time, he may be making others to suffer. For him, living makes no meaning. Hence he will feel it is a gift to him.
    A young person completed his study and started earning. He is enjoying his life. But he died in an accident. It is a real punishment for him. He never expects death at that stage and there is more to enjoy further in his life. Such a person's death is a punishment only.

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    Whatever the answer is, it is going to be highly debatable. Death is a gift if living becomes painful. Death is a pain if you love life too much. So if you live lavishly you would consider death a punishment and if you hardly can make a living you would consider death a gift.
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    Death is inevitable. We should not fear from it but take it as an event in our life. Many old people take it so calmly that we may be surprised. But that shows their maturity.
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