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    Never say no to needy

    We all require food to satisfy our hunger. If we don't eat on time we will start feeling hungry and we will look around for something to eat. We all will eat something by purchasing if we are outside and if we are in the house something will be there to eat. Many of us are lucky in this aspect.
    But there are some people who can't have two square meals a day. They are very unfortunate. If any such person who feels hungry and comes to you with a request for some food never say no to him. We should consider his problem and give him something to eat so that he will get satisfied. There is a belief that food donation is the best donation one can do. A person who is hungry should not be sent back from our place without giving him something. I think the members of ISC will be in agreement with this.
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    I agree with it. Giving food to a person who is hungry and doesn't have enough money to buy food. I usually do this but these days we find beggars on the traffic signals who don't accept eatables but ask for money. I hate such people.

    It's said that feeding someone is the best thing we can do as a human.


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    In many religions it is prescribed to feed the poor. It is one of the noblest thing to do. We have many times parties and get to gathers and sometimes a lot of food is wasted. The best course of action in such cases is to deliver this to the nearby orphanage where it can be distributed to the needy children.

    Now a days many hotels and restaurants have connections with such places nearby and on a daily basis the remaining food is picked from there.

    We should also try to inculcate these good habits of giving the food to the needy persons.

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    I always help those who need some food. I always carry coins with me and never say no to any beggar coming to me for alms. To the really hungry, I provide them with food. There are few beggars who demand cash for food to improve their bank balance. I won't encourage such beggars.

    Know the people and help them. " Paathiram arinthu pitchai idu" is a golden proverb in Tamil.

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    The great donor who never refused to donate was Karna the great of Mahabharatha. Karna was a donor but never a feeder. He never offered Annadhaan in his life. Throughout his life, though he was the King of Anga, he spent his days with Duryodhana to play foul against Pandavas, especially to kill his arch-rival Arjuna. After his death, he was refused entry to Moksha for his failure to perform Annadhaan in his life. Nevertheless, he was permitted, as he once directed a needy to a place where food was served.

    So, help the needy with food. We will get Moksha after our death.

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