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    The balance between personal and professional life makes life good.

    These days due to the fast life people find it difficult to maintain a balance between their professional and personal life. They often won't be able to devote much time at home and the problem begins due to it. It's better to remember few points to balance both the lives:

    ~ In your professional life, always consider yourself to be the owner of your organisation, this way you will be able to give your 100% to your organisation.

    ~ After reaching home from office try to involve yourself in your hobbies and don't sit in front of the computer to check emails related to work.

    ~ While at work, try to focus on your work only rather than on the issues of personal life. That's the way you will be more focused at work.

    ~ Whenever you go home after work try to be present mentally there. At that time you don't have to think about your office and work.

    It's very tough to do that but we should try to follow these simple tips to keep our life simple and balanced otherwise we may not be able to keep ourself happy either at the workplace or at home.
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    Nice suggestion. But the nature of the job is the main factor here. For example, a person who is a Production Manager in a process plant, irrespective of time and place he should be in touch with the unit. If there is an urgent mail or call we should be able to attend to it. This is more so in case of a continuous chemical plant. In such a case, he should be able to balance his life between the two based on the requirement. He has to be 24X7 guy both to personal and professional life. He need not be particular about the timing. Whenever required and wherever required he should make his presence available.
    It is always true that one should be able to give equal importance to both personal and professional life. We should remember that our family will only be with us after our active life.

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    Balancing between the professional life and personal life is a tedious job. This requires a lot of thinking and planning as both are important in our life.

    Some people have expertise in balancing the two but most of us are poor in this and go in one extreme rather than able to make a balance.

    As already pointed out above, the nature of job is also a crucial factor in this balancing act.

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    Everybody knows this fact. This is the essence of peace and success. But it is very difficult to follow. When there is an emergency in the family, we are forced to neglect our official responsibilities. In other (normal) time, there is always an emergency in office, so, we neglect the family.

    Very few people can balance professional life and family life.

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    # Yes Partha very few people are able to maintain this balance due to emergencies but we still should try to make a maximum balance in both the lives.

    Being a manager in a manufacturing unit I understand I have to be available for most of the time in the office and even on the phone when I am at home but still I try to maintain the balance though not fully.


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