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    I have an interesting observation

    For quite sometime, I have been observing an interesting achievement parameter of the members here in ISC. Today I thought let me put it in the form of this thread.

    The members (including the editors) are contributing in different sections and some of the members are garnering more awards, prizes and rewards time to time by way of their increased activity in participating in the contests or their outstanding submission of creative contents. It has to be like that only as everywhere the creative talent shines in such online platforms.

    Now, due to these differences some people are earning more points and some cc, some are earning more points and more cc, while some are earning some points and more cc etc and I am perceiving it in form of a parameter which I call cc/points (ratio of cumulative cc and cumulative points till date).

    There are some members who have achieved this ratio as 1 or more than 1 while most of us are having it as less than 1. For example in my case it is 0.91.

    I consider it as an important parameter as it tells us the amount of our awards and cc as compared to our total submissions which generate points cumulatively.

    Some of the top members have this ratio touching even 1.25. This may look only a mathematical exercise but I feel that this is a quick way to asses our over all achievement in this platform and any increase in this parameter is a matter of happiness for the concerned member.

    Try to check your ratio and please give your feedback in this thread. You are also welcome to give your comments on this methodology.
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    It's really an interesting observation by the author. I never noticed it in this way and after reading this post I calculated my cc/points ratio. I found it 0.82. This is an interesting parameter to judge how creative and active a member is.

    The members who are very creative will earn cc for most of the posts and will be able to win many awards. For them, this ratio will be more than 1 depending on the frequency of contribution. Regular contributors always have a high chance to participate in the contests and when they are creative enough, they can earn both points and cc.

    The editorial team may think of a new parameter by calculating this ratio and everybody will be happy to find this ratio increasing.


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    Mine is almost 0.67. Isn't that too low? I guess I need to invest more time here. Nice observation buddy.
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    Even I never noticed it but that's a good parameter to judge ourself, how we are performing here on ISC.

    After reading this thread I calculated mine and it comes out to be 0.69 which is very less if I compare it with others. It seems I have to improve a lot here.

    May be writing good forum responses can help in increasing the ratio because forums is the place on ISC where we dont get the cc otherwise we do get cc equal to the points on other sections. So one needs to write on forums so that it may fetch cc.


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    It appears to be an interesting way to judge our performance here. I checked it and found that my ratio is coming around 0.76.

    I have to pick up a lot seeing that I am quite below the prestigious figure of 1.

    As most of the awards consist of cc and do not contain the points, those who are getting more awards can only reach those levels.

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    I have been checking this parameter (in respect of my own performance) for more than one year. Presently it is 0.95. But I don't check others' performance. I am more or less satisfied with my own performance.
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    Feeling lazy to apply my mind to this statistical ratio so can somebody kindly enlighten me on how to arrive at it? In any case, in my view, performance should be gauged by the quality of the contributions and not statistical data.
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    This ratio will be more than one for those who contribute more to jobs, articles and Ask Experts sections. It will be less for the people who contribute more to the Forum section. The points and CC will be the same for the articles, jobs and Ask Experts sections. But the forum section is more for points and less for CC. So members who contribute more in Forum section will have more points and less CC. So their ration will be on lower side. People who don't contribute much in Forum Section and spend more time in other sections will have ration will be around 1 always. But for the members who will not generally contribute to Forum section and contribute to other section and also participate in contests will have this ration above 1. This is the actual situation. So members like me and Mohan will have this ration on the lower side. Lesser the contributions in Forum Section, higher the ratio. You can take this as a general statement for anybody.
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    #655611: It is very simple. Divide your earnings by your points and you will get the ratio.
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    Thanks, Partha. I did the calculation and it is coming to 1.27.

    However, we should keep in mind that for editors their earnings include what is credited from editing work so wouldn't the ratio calculation work differently for them?

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    Yes, I think there must be a different criterion for the Editors. As I don't check others' performance, I can only comment about my own.
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    Those who are very active in forum section will be benefited by the revenue share cc which also adds in the cumulative cc. So that will make out for the ratio to increase to some extent for them.

    Yes, it is right that editors who are getting editing rewards will definitely have slightly more ratio.

    Anyway, I am happy that the thread has generated a lot of response and participation from the members.

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    #655625: Actually the revenue share bonus will be calculated based on the total points you have obtained. This will include the points you have obtained in all the sections and also the points you got in the contests. That means you will have a double benefit if you participate in other sections except for forum section. This is what I understand from the calculations I have observed here on this site.
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    Absolutely right. A good observation.

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