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    Donate now, donate now, donate now

    Dear All,
    "Donate Now" is the ad phrase I read regularly every day without a miss. The ad requesting financial support for treatment of the ill is appearing alongside the ISC pages regularly. It is very difficult to ascertain which is genuine and which is fake, as the present day Medical institutions have become Money making institutions these days.

    What will be your feeling when you look at such ads requesting financial support?
    Do you wish to help them by donating some sum?
    Do you trust the ad or just ignore it?
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    A few months ago, I posted a thread regarding the practice of advertising by showing the sufferings of people and on many websites, it has become a trend now. There is no option to verify those advertisements and they show the sufferings just to make the visitors of the websites emotional.

    When everything fails, then also emotion plays a great role and it seems donation seekers have found an easy way out to influence people. If somebody is moved by those advertisements and wish to donate a sum then she/he must check the complete URL of that website before proceeding to pay. All the secure websites begin with https:// and the unsecured ones begin with http://

    Carrying out financial transactions on unsecured websites is not safe at all, so be careful to check the address bar of your web browser.

    As for me, earlier I checked a few of those links but nowadays do not check those websites and carry on with my usual browsing activities.


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    True I've seen many of those. I know few websites that aren't fake for sure. Basically any website that provides a decent contact information and "about us" page makes me feel its authentic. If a page consists only the donation information and keeps asking for your personal info more and more, you shouldn't continue further.
    The best way to ensure is to learn from previous donations. You can ask your friends if they ever used that page. Or just check the "news" section available in the page that shows how the patient to which you donate is doing. And if you find ads on a webpage, be assured that the website is original. These are few ways you can check if a donating site is real. Infact right below this thread I can see an ad for donating to a girl's heart transplant.

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    I usually don't react to such advertisements as most of them are fake in my opinion. It's been a trend in social media that such ads are placed to attract people.

    On Facebook, we may find such ads where the person will just ask to like and share his or her post as by that only he or she will earn from Facebook. I doubt how they are paid by Facebook by this.

    Actually these days people have started a profession of collecting funds by making others fool. That's the reason I don't read such advertisements.


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    We should only help to the genuine and needy persons. Just by going an ad will not be a correct thing.

    There are many reputed and established charitable houses which are doing a lot of service to the poor, we can think of giving our contributions to them.

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    Donation is prevalent in many societies. People donate as per their capacity as well as mentality to do so. In some of the religions it is stated that donation is a must and without this the life does not meet its purpose.

    After the popularisation of internet the donation seekers made a beeline for getting the donations in the sites and some of them were quite successful as people thought them as genuine.

    In reality, only a few of them may be the real needy desperate to get funds for curing of a disease or helping the handicapped persons. In absence of the information regarding their genuineness it is difficult to take a decision to help them.

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    I never verify or donate to such advertising organisations. I try to donate to the extent possible to me to the known people or well-known Organisations only. Near my house, there is an orphanage. I donate some money to that organisation.
    It is better not to donate instead of donating to a person who misuses. If we know that the money given by us is used properly and for the said purpose. We can donate to that. Oneday I went to a movie with my family. There one person is asking for Rs.10/- donation. He has Rs.90/- with him and if he gets another Rs.10/- he wanted to see that movies. Of course, I have not given any money to him.
    It is better always to verify the accuracy and promptness of the people before going for a donation to such organisations, I feel.

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    We should donate only food and clothes to the needy, not cash. Cash is the media to get food and clothes. Why not we give it directly to the needy. We have a government to take care of the other needs. There are charity organizations to help the poor. There are temples that offer food to the needy. Therefore, never show mercy to the ads that call for financial assistance.
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