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    Forum discussion should be entertaining

    We all discuss issues at ISC forum. We should not have a boring discussion. The subject we discuss should be interesting and entertaining. Even if it is a boring subject, we should endeavour to make it quite interesting.

    We should ensure that the thread we post is educative, informative, interesting and entertaining. We should not be serious all the time. We should have fun and enjoy our life.

    I always ensure to post interesting and entertaining threads. At times it turns out to be a controversy, but interesting to enjoy.

    Kindly try to post educative, informative, interesting and entertaining threads, also your responses.

    Your good views and comments, please.
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    It is a very good suggestion from you. It is true that some entertaining threads should also there. But they should be within the forum guidelines and rules mentioned in the site.
    I hope we will have many good and entertaining threads here and we all will have good times on this site.

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    It depends on one's perspective. I personally do not find any of the threads boring as such. I do not participate in all discussions, but by and large do find most of them to have interesting topics as well as containing healthy, vibrant discussions. It is not necessary that controversy should erupt in order for it to be interesting or so-called "fun". In fact, thanks to the active forum members, the forum has genuinely been restored to its old glory for the last so many months now.
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    It depends on one's interests. As for example, I find threads based on history or archaeology very interesting, but many people find such threads very boring. On the other hand, I find discussions on mobile phone or computer/laptop awfully boring, but many people go on discussing these issues hours together.

    Everyone wants to post interesting thread, but the question is whether others find it interesting, or not.

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    I am in complete agreement with ME here.

    Each of the members has got with different tastes & knowledge on a given subject with some predetermined mindset on which the members post a thread or make responses. Quite possibly that in case one member is ok with the thread but the another member may have some objections in terms of circumstantial evidences or with reference to some other reasons as we often have evident of during the political discourses that we see the interference of the ISC in order to settle down with the things.

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    It depends on person to person what he or she likes. I always respond on most of the threads and few threads which I don't like I don't respond. Similarly, you also can do that.

    I also see funny discussions rarely here. People should understand that we are here for fun.


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    The other name for forum section is chatting section. We chat formally in a more disciplined manner. While the sessions containing good contests, quiz and puzzles are interesting as an entertainment to the ISC members, there are many boring topics not attractive to the members. The forum discussion is almost like a question and answers session. The author never returns to the thread after posting the message. Hardly there is a discussion. Members discuss only in Active GD. This is what I mean to say.
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    There are various types of threads posted in the forum section. Some are really very interesting as well as entertaining where many members participate and even give their responses multiple times.

    Some threads are specific in nature and only a few members who are interested in that subject take part in it.

    So it will always be like that as all the threads can not be of entertaining nature.

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    I too after with the suggestion. Naturally, when members are having different backgrounds, culture, specializations, experiences, etc., the same may be reflected in their posts. However, such posts might be considered as introducing one to a different social background.
    Also I feel that something must be there in every post which attract the attention of everybody. And I feel most of the threads appearing at present are conveying something new. Hence it add to everyone's knowledge.


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    I agree. The taste differs from person to person. However, members should endeavour to post a topic or response in such a way that it attracts the members for interaction. Then it will be an entertaining thread. Even a boring topic can be turned into an entertaining topic. Little effort to be put in, to achieve it.
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