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    Can we find a person who never says a lie?

    We always hear from people that we should not tell lies. We all know the story of Stayharischandra. His life history says that he has taken many hardships to keep up his word. He even sold his wife and son to pay back the money he promised to donate somebody. Finally, this great king has to work in a burial ground for his livelihood. In such a position also he never said any lies.
    We all heard about Yudhishthira who never said any lies. But in the war with Kauravas once or twice he uttered some lies. Otherwise, he never bluffed anytime.
    But these days we can't manage without telling some lies. If we have to take leave from the work even for a day also we may have to make some incorrect statements. As far as my knowledge these days it is difficult to find a person who never lies. What is the view of members on this?
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    It is really very difficult to survive without telling lies. However, I have seen some people who can deftly manage awkward situations without telling lies by evading questions.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There are some characters in our mythology which are believed to be the followers of truth. It could be true. In real life it does not seem possible that a human being can be like that.

    In fact lieing is just like other traits which are so common in us. There may be thousands of compelling reasons to tell a lie but we do it. It is possible that some people may be lieing lesser times than the others but absolute no lieing seems to be a far off thing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Though King Harichandra and Dharma are the good characters portrayed in stories and epics, we cannot escape from lying. Lying also helpful to some extent. There is no harm in lying to save someone's life. There is no harm in lying for fun and joy.

    A good mother lies her child - " Beta, Jaldi kha lo, Nahi tho, Gabbar Singh Aa jaayegaa"
    A sincere wife lies her husband - Dekhoji, Poori Raath, Meri Ek Aang Nahi Soyi"
    An uxorious husband lies his wife -"Darling, I never look at a woman other than you."

    Are they not interesting lies?

    No life without Sun

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    Yes, it's not possible that someone doesn't lie. It's essential for survival otherwise people will take advantage of yours. But the lie should be like no one gets hurt from it. I try not to lie but sometimes circumstances are like I have to do that.

    That's truly one won't get an off of a day if he or she speaks the truth. At home, we have to lie with kids and wife otherwise you will have to fulfil their all the demands. If you are a businessman then you have to lie with your customer to have a good sale. In every sphere of life, you have to lie a bit otherwise it's not possible to survive in this world.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    There is definitely no person who does not say lie. Everyone will lie in one or the other instance. Telling a lie is definitely good but by telling a lie if someone will be benefited or if something good happens then according to me it is fine. We should not lie in such a way that it harms a person or does something bad.
    Also we lie when there is no good or bad involved. As mentioned by you, even I have lied in the office stating my health issues just to take a day off and same is the case with many of my colleagues. So we cannot find anyone in this world who does not lie. It has become a part and parcel of our lives.

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    Yes, I also agree that we can not escape this evil. It does not seem possible that a person can never lie.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Well I wouldn't feel that its impossible but for sure that this would be difficult to know of such personalities because of a simple reason that these are living in not so limelight but with a simple life & far from the fake publicities & with the media. The saints who are living in the interiors of the Himalayas or of the forest or this could be someone who have renunciated the wordily practices could well be the example here. But imagining ourselves or any other who are busy with the modern utilities can't set an example for such personalities.

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    It is very difficult to run the day without telling a single lie but is good to live avoiding tellin g lies. I remember one story I read. A lawyer who was very sincere and never tell lie on any account and he took the cases where he cannot tell lie. One day when he started for court, calling bell was ringing. Advocate asked his wife to see who has come. Wife told after seeing that it was some client who frequently disturbing the advocate to take his case. This advocate avoided him as his case was totally lie based. He heard his arrival but told his wife that if he saw him he have to tell some lie so that he asked his wife to tell him that advocate has gone to court.

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