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    What is a culture according to you?

    Everyone have been brought up with great values and principles. Parents make sure that their child gets best morals and culture in life and teach their kid accordingly.
    But what is culture according to you?
    Is it following the family traditions, being Orthodox, praying to god alone? Or is it how we behave in the society, how we respect elders and how we talk to them?
    I have seen a person calling himself rich in culture because he sincerely prays to god everyday, does puja but does not have manners of talking to elders and behaving in society.
    Also I have seen a person who is well behaved and liked by all but called as poor in cultural values just because he is not into god very much.
    So what you feel culture is, according to you?
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    The thread is very confusing. Culture is totally different from believing/non-believing God. There is absolutely no relation between culture and performing pujas.
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    It is not easy to define the word culture as such. May be it is the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular group of people or a society. It is reflected in the behaviour and norms in that society. Members of that society might be following that system of living traditionally. In fact it become the way of life for that society.
    There are several societies in a country. Even within a small area there will be groups of people having different cultural background. Traditionally every family will be following a particular culture in their life. A man marrying a woman from another family, may be from the same caste, still there will be certain differences culturally. The girl get accustomed to the new culture to which she is brought.
    Only by following a 'give and take' approach we can adjust to varying cultures.

    Culture is having another meaning too. It is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements taken collectively.


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    Culture is the sum total of many things in our life. Our heredity, to which society we belong, how are we brought up, our education, people with whom we move, habits which we have picked up since the childhood etc - all of these contribute in shaping our culture and our behaviour.

    Due to different social and geographical backgrounds people belong to different cultural groups. These groups can sometimes have conflict which each other due to their own set of beliefs and faith.

    In earlier times some wise people in the respective societies formulated rules and regulations of living in a society to create good culture among people. To some extent they were successful as due to fear of God and other social norms people did not dare to deviate from them.

    With the advent of civilisation and technological advancements the various societies started to mingle with each other and to that extent the individual cultures were also affected by the living style of others.

    Britishers who ruled a large part of the world for a long time have left the imprint of their cultural images in various societies which we are even perceiving today in our country as well. The affect of Mughal culture is very well seen in the Northern provinces of our country.

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    Culture defines our tradition. Customs that we follow through our ancestors, through our elders. Culture defines the way of living that we have. It is basically the kind of living that we have.
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    Culture represents all those values, traditions and teachings which are passed down from one generation to another generation with some of the values getting altered some levels of these next generation.
    Culture may include values related to religion and god but it is never only about the god. A person can also be cultured even if he or she is raised as an atheist.
    But it is something which is never constant and keeps changing its definition too changes place to place, people to people and in accordance to that they try define themselves cultured.
    For Britishers Culture of Indians were just barbarism and unnecessary rituals because they had their definition of culture and wanted to look Indians as well through the same lens. But now everyone recognises that culture is not something which can be taught by force from one civilisation to other but it is something which every civilisation owns in their own ways and which should be respected.
    To your question, I don't think a god believing person will be for sure cultured and an atheist will not rather it is related to our traditions and environment in which we are brought up. It is all about the perspective of how we want to see the culture.

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    As far as my knowledge goes culture is different and religion is different. The culture is nothing to do with God and religion. Culture is an offshoot from the family and the family behaviour. A man who is worshipping God or which God he is worshipping will tell about his religion. It may always reveal whether he believes God or not.
    The culture tells about the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular society. The word "culture" has come from a French term, which in turn derived from the Latin "colere," which means to tend to the earth and grow, or cultivation and nurture.
    Culture is a combination of various factors like food, clothes and how people wear it, language, marriage, music etc. The culture of the society will be changing over a period of time in various areas around the world. Indian culture slowly is getting replaced with western culture in our country these days.

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