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    Regarding school post

    I have added three schools from same educational network.
    Now, those school post have been moved to pending for having similar content in those school posts.

    It is clearly mentioned that the reason for moving to pending is, "Found some of the sentences directly taken from the site,"

    When I compared, this site "" and my content, I found the sentence, "Mahatma Gandhi was the first President of Anandilal Podar Trust" in common. I rephrased it.

    For another school post, "A good part of the description, such as about the teachers and about Podar Education Network is the same as in"

    Since the network follows the same system(Franchise model) throughout the network, the info are similar in everything. Wherever I have additional or unique info about the school, I have included in appropriate school post.

    I doubt, what changes need to be made under this topic, "about the school network and teachers", as they are facts and are same in all three schools.

    I assure that I did not write things on my imagination in school section. In fact, I contacted the school management and got the information, as they don't have separate websites for their schools. I have proofs of email conversation too. (I mention all these things, because, these posts are in pending for a long time and for this reason).

    If the content should not be the same, I need to remove it, because, I have nothing to change about the information in these posts. Also, ready to make changes, if I can get more clarity on the same.

    The links of the school posts are as follows:

    Podar Jumbo Kids, JP Nagar

    Podar Jumbo Kids, Kuvempunagar

    Podar Jumbo Kids, CV Mill Road
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    Your request has been forwarded to the concerned section editors. Please wait for their response.

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    Very sorry Srimathi for the inordinate delay in replying to your query. Though came to know about your post in the morning itself, but couldn't get hold of a PC all this while.

    Regarding the issue you have spoken of, I am extremely sorry that three of your school posts had to be put in pending. Even though well written, the posts were violating one important posting guideline. But no need to lose heart, there are ways the issue can be resolved and your posts approved.

    As pointed by you, the problem with the posts is that they all have some content in common. Since the three schools come under the same organizational setup, they are bound to have certain things in common. However, we on our part have to be on guard and take care that no two content is the same.

    There are two ways to resolve the issue. One way is to provide internal links. What you can do is, instead of writing the common content in all the three posts, write in detail in only one of them. In the other two, give information specific to them and provide internal links that will link these two posts to the first one. This way all three of your posts remain unique and no posting guideline is violated.

    In case you are not comfortable with links, the other way is to rewrite the common stuff in your own words and see that the contents are all different.

    Decide which way you will like to act. The first one is preferable since internal links help the site, the readers are also benefited as they get to stumble upon more facts and information and you too benefit as it reduces your effort.

    Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing your posts get approved.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Thank you Dhruv for your clarification. I go with you first option. I choose the link of one school and provide its link to other relevant schools posts.
    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Yes, that will be just fine.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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