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    Do you smile? How, when, why and where?

    A smile brings cheers to our mind. A smile brings happiness to self and others. Persons without a smile is not liked much by others. A perfect man smiles even during his worries to forget the sorrow.

    Do you smile?
    Do you like others smile?
    How do you smile?
    Why do you smile?
    When do you smile?
    Where do you smile?

    I Hope you are reading this thread with a smile on your face and would post a response with a smile.
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    My comments on the below,
    Do you smile? "Yes"
    Do you like others smile? "Yes"
    How do you smile? "From heart"
    Why do you smile? "Because this makes me feel delighted & light from within"
    when do you smile? "Most often"
    Where do you smile? "Place or location aren't a concern for me but whenever I come around with the suitable causes"

    While I thank the author for this, I would also like to invite the views of him too.

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    Smile is the natures biggest gift to the mankind. One who smiles can solve a number of problems merely with it. No other efforts are required.

    We smile when our heart is full of bliss and happiness. There is no ill feeling. When we meet our friends, we reciprocate smiles, that is a sign of happiness.

    A sleeping child sometimes smiles in his sleep, it is strange but he may be traveling in some other world encountering with soft angels.

    Long back I read that 'smiles' is the longest word of English language because there is a mile between the two s's. It seems to be true today.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Seriously busy in my work. Yet opened another Tab and wanted to know what is happening in the ISC Forum. Looked at the thread and eagerly opened it. A smile on my face!

    Someone entered my room and hesitated to open up as if he were disturbing my personal chat with someone. His spontaneous reaction made me laugh. I think 'smile' has no time and it can glitter at any point of time.


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    Did not smile at this thread; found the queries a bit odd. It must be a rarity to come across a person who does not smile at all. Further, it is not correct to imply through the questions that there is only one particular manner of smiling. Nor should there be a GPS to locate where it is or have Father Time recording a particular point in time for a smile.

    In my opinion, smiles should be spontaneous and genuine. It can also be varied with a beam or a grin. It can also be the start of a chuckle or even an outright laugh may burst out. There is so much more to a smile than a Q&A fact-finding session of something which is personal to each individual.

    And there is no perfect man.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    My answer:-

    Do you smile?---------Yes, I do smile. But the occasion has been decreased over the years.

    Do you like others smile?--------Of course, yes. Especially the smile of small children.

    How do you smile?------I laugh, I smile and I guffaw.

    Why do you smile?--------Generally I smile enjoying the odd behaviour on the road or I smile at myself.

    When do you smile?------When I notice odd behaviour of others or self. I also smile seeing small children smiling or playing. I also smile reading something funny.

    Where do you smile?----Generally I smile sitting in front of my computer table, on the terrace or on the road seeing others.

    But now I am not smiling. Because presently there are some tension-filled moments in my office.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Here are the answers to your queries:

    Do you smile? Yes, I do. I don't like serious people who don't smile.

    Do you like others smile? Yes, I do. Who won't like the smiling faces?

    How do you smile? When I feel so. Even when I am in a difficult situation I smile.

    Why do you smile? I don't require the reason to smile.

    When do you smile? Anytime when I feel I should.

    Where do you smile? Anywhere.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    I smile. I will be always with a smiling face only.
    I like always to see smiling faces. If others smile at me it gives a lot of pleasure to me. I am always afraid to talk with people who are very serious and there is no smile on their face.
    I smile with my full heart. I don't know how to smile for other's sake. I smile wholeheartedly always. I never smile to get the advantage from others.
    I have no place restrictions. I will smile at any time and at any place. There need not be a special reason to smile and there are no terms and conditions to smile. I always feel that we will be smiling always at all places without any specific reason also. I always feel that smile on the face will add value to our face.

    always confident

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