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    Stolen driving license

    I used to carry my photo copy of driving license my brother stolen it.Will it may cause any trouble to me ?? i have the original driving license with me.
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    No problem. Don't worry. Photocopy of your license cannot be misused to create any problem for you. Since you have the original copy of the same license, your driving won't be not affected. Take another copy and use it. Keep the original copy under lock and key. Your brother might try to steal and play foul with you again. I do not know how good brother he is!

    Did you ask your brother why he has stolen the photocopy from you?
    How old is your brother?
    Is he married? If yes, How good is your SIL?
    Has he stolen it for fun or to create trouble for you?
    What are his intention and explanation?

    Let us know for further discussion on the subject.

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    You are safe with the original driving license being kept from you only.

    This often being the case that even the duplicates or the photo copy of the original can still be used for some illegal activities & therefore utmost care needs to be taken in order to make those secured too so that your personal data also may not get stolen or used for something which you are not informed of or to agreed upon.

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    In addition, how do you know that your brother have stolen the photocopy of the driving license because there could even be the possibilities that there is some misunderstanding or if are aware of the location wherein this has been kept than most probably you can restore to yours pocket soon.

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    We have to be careful in these respects as our personal data in mischievous hands can create trouble for us.

    In this case the document is only a photocopy and not the original so there is nothing to worry.

    You must ask your brother for this irresponsible act. He has done it on his own or someone has instigated him to do it. He should also be warned not to do such things in future and tell him that if he does such things then nothing will be kept in his access and he will become a stranger in his own house.

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    Don't feel bad with my narration as to how the photocopy could create trouble for you. It is only my imagination of a bad situation.
    Presume your brother is an ill minded person and not loved by you. He wants to trouble and fix you. He involves in a crime. He leaves your photocopy of the license at the place of crime. The criminal case is being investigated. Your photocopy is found as a clue to trace the culprit. The investigating authorities reach you to question you.

    Now you can imagine what would be the next. Anyway, you will overcome.

    So, it is better to lodge a complaint with the police, if you feel that your brother might create a problem for you.

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    No, it won't cause any harm because you still have your original driving license.

    But you should inquire why has he stolen the photocopy of the driving licence as it's of no use for him unless and until he using it as a proof for buying something or for applying something on your name. But everywhere they ask for the self-arrested document but still, he may do the fake sign of yours on the document. So you should be careful from him and should inquire about the same.


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    The question is odd. Even if the questioner's brother stole the photocopy of the driving license, I don't understand how can he misuse it. My only advice to the Member is to be careful and keep the original driving license safely. If it is expired, she should renew it without fail.
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    There will not be any problem. Nothing will be happening. But it is better to be careful always. Why your brother is stolen this xerox copy. Are in you good terms with him. You can ask him what he has done with that copy.
    I had a practice. If I give a xerox copy to anybody I will write on that to whom I have given and what for I have given and sign on that. In that case, they can't use that copy for any other purpose. I will put the date also on that so that when we have given that also is known. If we take sufficient care, I think we will have peace of mind. Anyhow be careful with your original papers and don't keep them in such a way that somebody else can easily approach for those papers. Please talk to your brother and see that he will not be using it for any unwanted purpose.

    always confident

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