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    Does mobile radiation cause skin allergy and cancer?

    Is there any concrete evidence for confirming that radiation emitted from mobile phones cause skin allergy and cancer? Share your opinions on this often-discussed topic.

    As there are cellular towers on top of houses for cellular signaling, people used to agitate for removing the towers because of the radiation that will cause skin allergies and cancer, However, what the scientists are telling is that there is no such thing proved (that cellular radiation will cause cancer and skin diseases).

    Does mobile radiation really cause skin allergy and cancer? Is it scientifically proved? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It has not been conclusively proved whether mobile radiation causes skin allergy and cancer, or not. I think till such time it is conclusively proved, you should stop using mobile phone as a preventive measure.
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    Mobile radiations are harmful to the health. There are a lot of research going in the matter. The threshold and value of the radiation which may cause cancer or other serious ailments is known in the medical world but the uncertainty of the fact that which individual will get it and which one will escape its ill effects is not well established.

    We are surrounded by various radiations today due to technological advancements and high frequency applications. Cosmic radiations albeit of low intensity are regularly falling on Earth. We are living in this environment and possibly the individuals more prone to radiation may be getting ill while others having better resistance and immune system somehow surviving.

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    Our body is adoptable to certain level of radiations & if this exceeds this level then this could result into certain harmful reactions within which might get reflected in the long run but quite possibly can't be readable in the shorter periods. In this context & for example, new research shows about how the mobile phones distractions can deprive babies of developing brains of crucial developmental signals. In addition, the children & the unborn babies are liable to face the greater risk for bodily damages that results from MWR (microwave radiation) given off by wireless devices. The such are the impacts that this may even be prove harmful for the regular functioning of your heart in some way including the reduction of sperm counting in your body directly impacting the health of the new born babies.

    For me I have already started using head phones for longer duration calls & also using one mobile with one SIM instead of dual SIM devices in order to restrict the extreme radiations of whatever ratios.

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    There was a discussion some months ago on this topic: Are we drowning in the flood of radiations?
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    My question is here is it scientifically proved or not?
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    Not so much scientifically proven yet but still the experiments are going on. Pl. refer the below link for more details,

    Cell Phones and Cancer Risk

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    I have already answered it. It has not been conclusively proved whether the radiation from the towers would cause skin allergy, cancer, etc., or not.
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    These radiations are not very hazardous and there are no Scientific ways and means to prove that these are dangerous. If the towers are maintained properly and if they take all the precautions while electing the towers I feel there will not be any serious problem.
    But it is proved that the radiations from cell phones also can initiate an improvised explosive device. We can easily initiate an electric detonator using the radiation from the cell phone. There are reported accidents in some of the manufacturing factories because of the radiations from the cell phones.

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