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    Why do people follow religious leaders?

    How do religious leaders manage to attract a large following? Express your views for the reasons for people to follow a particular religious leader and believe in his/her teachings.

    Religion is one of the most important matter in many societies. Religious people take it very seriously and try to abide by the religious principles as much as possible.

    Religious leaders are aware of the sentiments of these religious people and take mileage out of it and establish them selves as the caretaker of the religion. On their single call people assemble to follow them or come to obey their orders. Some of these religious leaders act like God or messengers of God and are being honoured and respected in the society accordingly.

    What is the strength of these religious leaders that they attract people with such great force? Why do we follow them?
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    Majority of the people are leading their life with several problems. Problems need not be materialistic. Majority face issues which they find difficult to solve. Then casually or purposefully they go to some individual who can give some solutions to the problems faced. Slowly an attachment develop between himself and that individual. Or in certain cases the person with problems hear the talk of a man feel that certain remedies are there in what the man said. Automatically a devotee is born. He continues to attend the man's speeches. Like this hundreds and thousands of people get attracted to that man. A new God man is born and slowly a believers' group is formed, a sort of a religion. It is the problems in the life that takes or forces a man towards such 'religion'.
    The attraction to such religious leaders is mainly because of this mental issues, which is there among many in this society. I know personally a gentleman who was in a very high position in a Gulf country. His family life was in trouble, together with that some of his friends, who had partnership with him, cheated him and all these left him alone. His only daughter died in a motor accident and after that the family was broken. All these took him to the spiritual field and because of his ability to speak well, on any subject, followers started to come. Their number increased quickly. Now lakhs are there following him and his thoughts. Almost in all countries he has got followers. They help the needy in different ways which also is one of the major reasons for the increase in followers.


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    The best relation of ours with our God is of friendship but instead the devotees are afraid of their Gods & go on with the means of different shortcuts in order to praise them & in order to accomplish their jobs and in here the role of the religious or spiritual leaders begins. The different individuals choose the different role models according to their tastes & preferences & in between the windows are chosen as directed by their role models in the form of various religious or spiritual leaders & the problems starts from here as the individuals or we follow them blindly without acknowledging the factual & logical aspects of the process. These results into rituals & superstitions acts but believing these as the perfect & the proper ways of practicing devotions we continue to accept these & even let others too for their involvements.

    The above doesn't exactly suits for the execution or accomplishments of the jobs but still we are made to feel accordingly & the sad part is that even the young & educated are more prone to such acts.

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    In 99 out of 100 cases, people visit religious babas and fakirs with a belief that these babas or fakirs would solve their domestic problems. They don't visit those religious people to understand or reach the Almighty.

    These people lack self-confidence. They don't have faith in their own ability. So, they think that these babas would solve their problems by performing some miracle.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Nowadays people are considering God also as an entity who will give us ways and means to earn easy money and reach him easily. They feel that they can manage him also by giving him donations and doing special worships. This weakness is being exploited by many people and they themselves are getting converted as babas and Godmen. They are somehow making some people as their devotees and trying to deceive innocent people. But unfortunately, innocent people believe them and losing their valuable time and money. But in this process, the real devotees of God and who completely gone away from all the worldly matters are also getting the blame. There are real Godmen who helped some people in many ways. The Kanchi Parmacharya is one such example who never made any statements that he is a Godman. But there are people who came out of difficulties because of the kind actions of this Seer will tell their experiences and many books are also there on this great man.
    always confident

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