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    Which political leader(s) will outshine others in 2019?

    Do you think there are particular political leaders who would likely get the attention of voters and be far ahead in the 2019 elections? Expound your views with some supporting reasons.

    The year 2018 is coming to an end. Like every other field, the political arena of India has remained topsy-turvy. During the last part of 2018, one of the major parties, BJP, has suffered a jolt when it lost power in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. Not only that, in Telengana, K Chandrasekhar Rao has managed to emerge as a strong leader despite taking various populist measures. Many new leaders emerge. Many old leaders resurfaced.

    So, what is your opinion? What would happen in the coming 2019, especially after the Lok Sabha election? Which political leader will be the strongest? Which political leader's future will be at stake? Which young leader would challenge the old group?

    Members! Express your opinion with logic, and not charged with emotion.
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    The 2018 elections for various states has shown that people are more inclined towards subsidies and free benefits rather than developmental activities. In MP the BJP rules for almost 15years and Chattisghar for 10 years. Probably people wanted a change there. Another point which I feel is in this elections the local issues and leader's individual performances were reflected in the State elections. In Telangana, there were many issues like improper management of voter's list and many fake names and votes to non-existing people. In one constituency it was reported that 40,000 votes were fake and the TRS candidate won the elections there with 17 000 majorities.
    I feel in 2019 elections the verdict will be in a different way. There the party will play an important role. Modi will be going to win the elections again in 2019. Many of the important BJP leaders will also win. In South, they may lose all the seats and they may have to depend on leaders like KCR, Jagan. Pavan Kalyan and others in other states.

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    I cannot say anything except the Tamilnadu politics. AIDMK is sure of biting the dust in LS election. DMK is likely to win more MP seats. In the National politics, I predict that BJP will have its share once again if there is no cooperation, unity, and alliance between the opposition parties.
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    As of now, in my opinion, the mood of the people is definitely changing away from Mr.Modi governed BJP rule. People in 2014 overwhelmingly supported Mr.Modi and BJP but such a situation is not at all there at present. People at that time they thought something extraordinary will happen in the rule of BJP but at present people has realized that to see 'Achhe din' is far from reality. The recent Assembly elections are a clear indication to know the present mood of the people. BJP had no hopes in South and in many Hindi belt North States BJP falling flat into the second position. I don't see much hope for BJP again to retain power at the center. The various outcries of members of the party and RSS members regarding owning of loss in the recent elections or changing leadership issues is a clear indication that BJP is facing the political crisis at the moment of elections. In my opinion, the feel of the people, whether their lives are bettered or not during this five years rule will decide the fate of this government. I feel that this government put a lot of discomfort on the lives of common people in order to show their statistical achievements in the form of GDP. As you asked who will shine in next elections, definitely Mr.Modi and BJP Party will not shine like in the last 2014 elections. I feel as an alternative for BJP government Congress party under the leadership of Mr.Rahul Gandhi will get more favor from the people than what political media is predicting. People will decisively vote for opposition parties come into rule in my opinion. Even if BJP announces some sops for farmers or common man at the nick moment of the election, people may not trust much Mr.Modi's BJP government.

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    In the present scenario the chances of a regional leader moving to national canvass seems unlikely to me. These leaders are there only due to the local support.

    In all probability in spite of so many odds against him, Mr Modi is going to be the choice of people at the national level.

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    Chances are Mr Rahul Gandhi will win and establish as National leader and outshine Mr Narendra Modi. In Last election of M.P., Chattishgarh and Rajasthan he already outshine Mr Modi and group of ministers. Mr Modi did election campaign in three states and 70% of seats on which modi did speeches lost. Same was the case with Yogi, most of seats where yogi did election campaign lost.
    So, you yourself understand why these people did election campaign for states? Because they knew they were unpopular in states but they did campaign in the view of 2019 lok sabha election.
    If we see trend for this loksabha election. Congress will outperform BJP in M.P. , Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Karnataka and probably in maharashtra, Uttrakhand, delhi and haryana as well.

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    In Indian politics everything seems possible & considering the time left for the next General election, any of the political parties & the leaders have got enough duration to get settled down with their homework in order to come-up with much better image to the public but on the other hand the opponents would keep be looking after the grounds in order to malign the image.

    So far & as per my experience, we the public is habitual of forgetting the things & in addition, they are more or less self centered & therefore the political parties seem to campaign aggressively this time with an effort to change the mindset of the voters in their favor. So far the result shows that the regional parties are getting momentum & therefore for making the government their role would be important but as a national level presence, the Modi still get the favor of the most for the PM post but the challenges would be more in order to keep-up with the regional parties.

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    Anything can be possible in politics. The people whom we may not know emerge like stars after the election. But what I feel Rahul Gandhi will emerge as a strong leader in next Lok Sabha elections. It may happen that he may outshine Mr Modi in the coming elections.

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