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    On what criteria voters may vote for a candidate or a Party in the next General elections?

    What could be the issues or general criteria that would determine how a citizen will cast his or her vote in the 2019 elections? Engage in this forum discussion.

    General elections for the country are approaching fast. Media, social media and political experts are debating a lot on this issue. These people are analyzing what is the mood of the people of the country at present with regard to the elections. In the last 2014 elections, the people of the country are in one mood that they want to see a sea of change in the administration of the country. So we have seen a Modi wave and people have connected their judgement to Gujarat model. But after five years, are the people satisfied with the way of his functioning ? Will they patiently wait for another five years to see the changes what they promise in the present elections? Present Assembly election results indicate 'no' to this question. Will people in this general elections vote on the basis of issues or performance of the present government or people want a liberal government rather than a government which is more Constrained in its attitude? In my opinion people at the present are in the mood to see a more liberal government in the next general election.
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    The author has talked about a 'liberal government'. He has opined that people would vote for a 'liberal government'. So, I would like to know what is meant by liberal Government? Why isn't the present Government not considered liberal by the author?

    I feel that people, especially educated people, would vote in favour of development and nationalism.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There are two aspects to this issue. Whether people are interested in the development and progress of the country along with the progress of the individuals or they are interested in their own development is the question. Here the assembly elections showed that the people wanted their personal gains rather than the country's development. But in the parliament elections, it may not be the case. They may go for development and corruption-free governance. As such BJP government under Modi may stand a chance. This is purely my personal opinion. The members may differ.
    How long a country can pull on by giving free food and all other amenities. The government should show a way to create wealth and sustain their lives on their own for the people. Initially, people may have some difficult times but after some time they will be on their own.

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