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    Where is the freedom of expression here?

    The members must have seen one movie trailer in context to the releasing of movie called the "The Accidental Prime Minister" to be released by around 26th of the next Month. According to the news of which the link has been provided below, the Maharashtra Youth Wing of the Indian National Congress party has raised objections to the trailer of Anupam Kher-starrer "The Accidental Prime Minister" with demanding for a special screening.

    If we remind us of one another movie which is, "31st October", based on a real incident that took place during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots that followed former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination. This movie too got an objection from this party which often have talked of its most famous anthem of "freedom of speech & the freedom of expression" & of "democracy".

    Most probably the Congress party don't seems to have the courage to face reality or is confused of its stand".
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    It is quite natural. Those who talk about freedom of expression, trample it most. We are witnessing it now in the context of the film. The agitators are also trying to prove how much sycophant (oops loyal) they are.
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    The political world is a strange place. People will make hue and cry for any accidental coincidence of a movie plot with that of their party or leader or any other thing. This is an opportunity for them to raise an issue against the movie and they will even try to get it banned.

    They do not know that by doing this they are unnecessarily increasingly publicity of the said movie.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Earlier too we had a film about a Chief Minister. I remember watching a Tamil film "Muthalvan" starred by Arjun and Monisha Koirala. It is a story of a citizen's desire to be Chief Minister for a day. The film was successful. I think it has the Hindi version too. Probably, the objection could be for the publicity of the film. Such an objection from the politicians/public increases the curiosity of the public to watch the film.
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    It would be interesting to witness again of the stand of all the Pseudo seculars present in the media. My question is, are we still not able to get the facts in place in context to whom to favor or again we have our own propagandas to be carried away with?

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    The film is based on a book written by Sanjaya Baru. The film is on the life of former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Mr Baru was the media advisor of Manmohan Singh.
    The Congress's Maharashtra State Youth Wing feels that the film is having some incorrect presentations. They demanded a special screening of The Accidental Prime Minister. They feel that the film is made to malign the image of the Congress party.
    It is natural that Congress will definitely raise objections for that as the film will bring out the facts openly. If somebody is telling against us it is natural to object that. The same is the case. As they have freedom of speech they are doing that. As we have freedom of expression we are expressing our views.

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    This common scenario in our country. Recently BJP protested against a Tamil movie called "Mersal" since it had few dialogue about GST and ADMK protested against "Sarkar" movie since it criticized the freebie. "Marina Puratchi" a Tamil movie based on Jallikattu protest unable to hit the screen for the past 6 months.

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    So far as the film is concerned, Anupam Kher, who is playing the role of Dr. MM Singh in the film, has spoken the truth. Today he has said: "Manmohan Singh was a weak PM, we can't change that fact in the movie."

    Maybe that is the reason for the present agitation against this particular film.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The casting in the movie is very realistic & so far after the trailer this movie is well awaited which is to be released on 11.01.2019.

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    I have been listening to the promos of the movie on the radio. And few of the dialogue seems to be realistic. This movie will definitely highlight that Dr Man Mohan Singh was a weak prime minister which Congress party chose. The film will be opposed by the political parties and there is no wonder that few of the scenes from the movie will be cut.

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