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    Where the air is free!

    We all are aware of the increasing level of air pollution. In many places, the air quality is not good and environmentalists are warning us to take every possible step to reduce it. There are many rules in place, though people are not always strictly following them. I think our ancestors never imagined that we have to purchase drinking water in this century. There is a scarcity of drinking water and that's why water is purified by applying different process to make it potable. The purification process requires money and because of it, we are purchasing drinking water.

    If air pollution increases in such an alarming rate, we might have to purchase pure air to breathe in. I am anticipating this situation after seeing a newly installed display board at a petrol pump in the city. The display board there shows what are the facilities available. It reads – "FACILITIES AVAILABLE: WATER, FREE AIR, TOILET". It must be free air pressure that is required for the tyres instead of "FREE AIR".

    But this may become a reality. Can you imagine a situation when people have to purchase pure air just to breathe in and shops or vendors would announce a bonanza to give people "FREE AIR" during special occasions? This may not be too far away if we do not act now.
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    It is possible. We may have to purchase oxygen cylinders and we may have to carry with us always whenever we go out. The air pollution is increasing day by day. As mentioned by the author there are many rules in place. But it is normal to ignore rules and behave as we like. So many industries are leaving many pollutants into the air without taking any treatment procedures. So it is imminent we may have to pay for oxygen.
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    It may be possible in the near future when the air becomes so much polluted to breathe in then we may have to purchase the portable oxygen cylinders and have to keep it with us while going out of the home all the time. That's why people should take steps to reduce air pollution and the best way is to plant trees and stop cutting trees.

    Cost of living will increase if we have to buy oxygen cylinders for us. We should get conscious and control our actions to come to this stage.


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    These are already there but without any announcements. For example, when you visit any mall like for example "Big Bazaar", wherein you have better installations of such services & wherein you even can move around in order to check & compare various schemes in the counters at your own conveniences.

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    That situation may not come.
    We are utilizing our full potential to destroy our Environment with our selfishness and greed. I am not seeing any possibility to reverse the damages caused to our Environment and make it safe for our future generation. Even switching over to the renewable energy sources may not improve the situation, but it can delay further deterioration. To have a rough idea about how much our Environment is damaged by air pollution we can have the statistics of the rapid increase in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in our people particularly in cities. You can google it for our capital city for example.
    A recent interesting study by mathematical models, what would happen to our planet as the population increases and the effect of climate change inflicts chaos, says human civilization will perish in any of the following three ways.
    1. Soft landing: - The civilization adapting to the changing weather and sea level changes and therefore avoiding mass extinction. Only fittest/healthy will survive. Others will fade very fast.So,try to be fit always!
    2. Gradual die- off:- 70% of life on Earth will wipe off before things go back to normal.(Mass extinction)
    3. Full blown collapse:- All intelligent life perish quickly.
    We all are evolved from our biosphere. There are trillions and trillions of planets in the Cosmos, so we are not the one to appear first in the Universe. Each civilization that evolved from its biosphere had a history. The story of emergence, rising capacities and slow fade or rapid collapse. The most species that ever lived on the planet Earth are extinct now. In similar way most civilizations that emerged may have long since ended. What might have happened to others in the Universe will happen to us also? We have to explore the Universe to know about our future.

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    Seeing the increasing pollution day by day, the author's fear can turn into reality.

    We are not able to control and regulate the erring people or industries in this matter and there is no strictness in implementing the laws for taking action against the defaulters.

    Govt has a pivotal role in this but citizens are also responsible and have to contribute a lot by implementing anti pollution measures at the root level.

    Knowledge is power.

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