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    Newton's law of Inertia in real life

    We all must have studied about newtons first law of motion or law of Inertia in Physics which says that a body will continue to remain in its state of rest or uniform motion unless it is compelled to change its state by external force impressed on it. In order to make the body move from its state of rest, it has to overcome its Inertia. So inertia is nothing but the tendency of an object to resist the change in its existing state.

    The same thing applies to real life too. We always like to resist any changes in our life as we like to remain in our comfort zone and we hate to get out of it. It is always some kind of external trigger and pushes from people or circumstances which ultimately forces us to get out of the comfort zone and do something new and different. Hence as human beings, we all have inbuilt Inertia which resists any changes that come to our life. But finally, just like physics newton's law, we need to overcome the Inertia within us so that we can accept changes, get out of comfort zone and undertake new endeavors.

    Staying within the comfort zone and within our own Inertia is good and we should not unnecessarily disturb our life without any strong reasons. But sometimes we need to overcome our resistance to change (inertia) and get out of comfort zone in order to progress in life.
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    True. The people always try to be in their comfort zone. They never want to take any risk by contemplating a change in their smooth running lives. This inertia will be there always. But it will be more in some people. They will always feel lazy and don't want to do any work. It requires a high intensity of outside forces to make them active.
    There is nothing wrong if we stay in our comfort zone. But we should try a little hard for achieving higher levels of performance. Anywhere there will be a resistance in the system if we want to bring in any new changes in the working methods or working systems. But we should try to get updated ourselves and see that we will cope up with the changes around the world.

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    That's right we always resist when we have to go out of our comfort zone. No one wants to make some extra efforts for the things unless and until these are very essential and we may have a big loss due to the same.

    It's very normal behaviour. I am against such people we should not resist and should always be ready for the hard work required for the things to be done.


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    Resistance to change is one of the primary reason which is impeding the progress of many people in this world. It is an unwanted human trait but unfortunately, it is present there.

    Whenever there is a change we just oppose it without understanding its implications. When the restructuring takes place in an organization, many of the employees lose their sleep as they may lose their comfort zone and may have to learn new skills and methods to prove themselves in the changed environment.

    When Govt introduces a new policy then people are always apprehended about it that it may harm them.

    When GST was introduced, jewelers and shopkeepers were so much afraid that they went on strike against it. Today they are now insisting for cash memos and tax invoice etc .

    So all our problems are due to this inertia to change.

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