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    World War II bomb found In Kolkata

    An aerial bomb weighing around 1000 pounds belonging to the times of the World War-II era has been found at a dock in Kolkata. It was found during their routine dredging operations. It has been immediately informed to the police and Defence forces. Now the area is under the control of these forces. The defusing of the bomb is to be managed systematically. The officials from Ordnance factories may carry out these defusing operations.
    This 450-kg aerial bomb fitted with brackets is to be attached with fighter planes. Aerial bombs are to be dropped from a certain height to make an impact to get it exploded. The handling should be done with utmost care and all precautions are to be taken to defuse also.
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    This is new information for me. I do know that during the Second World War, Japanese bombers dropped some bombs in Calcutta (now Kolkata). But I am interested to know in which area the bomb is found.

    Let me check for further details and only then I will submit a detailed reply.

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    Today, 29th December is the 90th anniversary of the Netaji Subhas Dock in Kolkata and this bomb was found yesterday. The bomb has the markings of the US Army and probably they have left it there at the end of the war. This dock, earlier known as King George's Dock, was largely used by the US Navy and Army during WW II and was the target of the Japanese Army.

    It may be a special attraction for the anniversary celebrations and the Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) has shown interest to keep this discovery in their possession after getting necessary clearance from the authorities.


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    I didn't know about the same. Had it been exploded it would have destroyed the city?

    Defusing of the bomb is to be done carefully so that it may not explode but I doubt if the bomb of 90 years old can explode now.


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    This type of war reminiscent create a lot of curiosity of people and authorities alike. Anything related to WWII is of much significance.

    As these bombs are containing the explosives in a sealed container, their chances of being alive can not be negated.

    Only the experts in handling these devices can defuse or make it inactive. Such items are always a safety hazard and require utmost care in defusing them.

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    It is not wise and may not be possible to defuse the old bomb which could explode and cause damage if attempted to carry out experiments with the bomb. It would be better to keep the bomb in a museum as it is.
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