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    Some peculiar psychological facts established by research

    Human psychology is a very complex subject. The researchers continue research on human psychology and interpret various body languages. Some of the peculiar/odd findings are mentioned below at random. Know these facts which may help you during interviews or conversation with others.

    (a) If a person hides his/her thumbs behind all fingers, it is a sign of nervousness. This action indicates that the person wants to remain unnoticed in the group.

    (b) Pretending not to care is the habit of a person who cares the most.

    (c) To neutralize the effect of a single negative comment, it requires seven positive comments. So, always comment in a positive way.

    (d) People with terrible handwriting are more creative than the persons with neat and clean handwriting in 90% cases.

    (e) If a girl likes a boy, she will play with her hairs while talking to the boy. Young men, please note.

    (f) If people get new pen(s), in 97% cases, they will first write their own names.

    Members! Do you agree to the aforestated findings? What is your experience?
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    A very interesting thread by the author. Psychology is really a complex subject and Swami Vivekananda once said, "Psychology is therefore the science of sciences, without which all sciences and all other knowledge are worthless". Many interesting facts do come out after continuously studying the human mind and few such are mentioned here in this thread.

    Now coming to the findings, I would say that I have personally noticed the expression of people when nervous and found in many cases people are hiding their thumbs with the other fingers. In point (c) it is mentioned about the effect of negative comments. I have never calculated the numbers to find out the neutralizing effect of negativity but during any serious discussion, negative comments do affect the atmosphere badly.

    I used to write my name after purchasing a pen, but now I simply mark a few lines on the paper to check its smoothness. I have seen many people checking the quality of the pen by writing their names. After knowing all the other points I will try to observe people more carefully and hope those points will also hold good.


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    The last one is interesting. Whenever I have bought a new pen and the shopkeeper asks to try it I often have written my name only.

    Yes, there are lots of psychological tests like this. I never knew that people who have terrible handwriting are more creative. I always used to think the opposite of it.

    Few of other psychological facts are:

    # 90% of the people text what they can't say in person.
    # People who oversleep tend to crave more sleep.
    # people who understand sarcasm well are often good at reading people's mind.


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    A very interesting post by the author. It is true that our expressions and mannerism tell many things about us indirectly and psychologist have also found meanings of those gestures.

    In interviews, the board members get much information about the candidate just by glancing his gestures and mannerism.

    These stipulations will not be true in all the cases but they are of general nature.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am slightly dubious about that negative and positive comments things. I wonder if there was a proper survey. People get hurt according their to their own strengths. Someone can be coaxed with just one positive comment while another might need fifty.
    I agree the one with new pens. I even agree with playing of hair thing, but I am single though many of my female friends play with my hair haha. Fact number one is so me. I always hide my thumb. And I am very very anxious.

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    Good observations by the author. Human psychology is very peculiar. No one can predict how we behave in different condition at different points of time. We don't know about our behaviour in a particular condition and predicting other's behaviour is very difficult.
    Many of the points the author mentioned are vertu true. I have also observed many people hiding their thumb during the process of Interview. I personally have the habit of writing my name as soon as I get new pen to see whether it is writing is not smooth or not. I never know that the girl will play with her hair if she is liking the person with whom she is talking.

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