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    What is the cost of relaxation?

    Is relaxation only materialistic in nature? Should we not focus on actual relaxation of the mind and body? Give input on this unique perspective of what really relaxes us.

    It's common for us to get tired from our routine life sometimes and seek various means of relaxation.

    In olden days people used to relax by staying at home with family, enjoying tasty food at home, watching TV or going to the nearby park for picnic or movie theatre to watch a movie, visiting friends and relatives etc. But as time progressed the norms of relaxation have changed. Getting relaxed nowadays is synonymous with going out and spending money. Going for an expensive outing and staying in a 5-star resort, eating in high end restaurants, staying in an expensive resort even in the same city, enjoying spa treatments etc are all modern ways of relaxing.

    This makes me wonder, what is the cost of relaxation? Do we need to spend lavishly really to feel relaxed? Can relaxation come free of cost or at least at low cost? Yes, of course.

    I think relaxation is more related to the state of mind and body. If our body gets to rest and mind gets peace we get relaxed. It should not need the support of external factors. It happens that sometimes even outings do not make people feel relaxed as they may end up traveling more and exhaust themselves. On the other hand, sometimes simply staying at home, sleeping, talking leisurely to family members is enough to give relaxation. When people have a budget, they tend to spend money to search for relaxation but the same people when they are constrained on budget them search for cheaper means for relaxation.

    So, relaxation comes for either free or at low cost but still, it is your choice if you want to pay heavily for it.
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    The author has raised a thought-provoking thread. Definitely, the relaxation measures today appear costly and beyond the reach of common people.

    It is strange that people having money are spending it for relaxation. As if money is the only thing to attain it.

    In fact, there are many ways to attain relaxation. Yoga is supposed to relax and calm down one's body. A long walk in the park is sufficient to rejuvenate us.

    We need not to go for big outings and excursions for relaxing ourself.

    I have seen some people during Sundays or holidays arranging their things in the house or take care of flower pots or other household works and they feel good after doing them. It is relaxation through working.

    Relaxation is required after routine work. Those who have many hobbies and change from their monotonous jobs to other jobs get relaxation in that process.

    Entertainment is not the only way to relax. There are many creative ways which are able to bring relaxation without spending a huge chunk of money.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It depends on the person how does he get relaxed. There is no cost of relaxation. Sometimes we get it free by just sleeping and sometimes we don't get it even after watching a movie in an expensive theatre. I personally get relaxed by sleeping or walking out alone.

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    I agree with the author that we need not spend so much money in the name of relaxation. One can get relaxed by simply sitting in an easy chair and reading a good book on the subject you like. You can just relax hearing music on your transistor. Nowadays I am finding that we can relax by spending some time with grandchildren.
    The spending nature of the people is very high and no one wants to save. The relaxation is a reason to justify their spending nature. But relaxation can never come by going for a meal in a big restaurant.
    Relaxation need not be obtained by spending money. It is only a cause for telling. People will be interested to spend time and money in the malls. They call it relaxation. I never feel relaxed if I go outside even for purchasing the essential items. I will get relaxed only by sitting at one place and reading a book or hearing some music.

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